Armored Core 6: How To Unlock The Arena

The Arena mode is an essential part of the Armored Core games, and it's back in AC6. If you want to know how to unlock it and what is useful for, you are in the right place

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How to unlock the Arena in Armored Core 6 | ©FromSoftware

Want to access the Arena in Armored Core 6? The newest addition to the mech battle series by From Software brings back many beloved features, including the Arena – a core mode in the series.

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Starting the game won't give you access to this mode. So, how can you get in? Here's a simple breakdown of how you can unlock the Arena in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. If you're not sure about finding parts in the game, don't worry, we have you covered on that too.

How to Unlock the Arena In Armored Core 6:

To open the Arena in Armored Core 6, you need to complete a series of missions. Progress through enough chapter 1 missions, and the mode will unlock. This seems to happen after a data retrieval mission following Operation Wallclimber. Alternatively, finishing the "Investigate BAWS Arsenal" mission should also do the trick.

What's Arena Mode?

If you're new to the series, Arena mode is a special feature where you duel against other mechs to earn credits and prestige. In Armored Core 6, this mode is like a simulation series that lets mercenaries test their skills against other independent ACs (mechs).

Winning a duel not only gets you credits and resources, but also lets you climb the ranks, which reflect your mercenary's skill and title. Ranks range from F to S. To progress through each rank, you'll need to defeat at least three opponents. The third opponent is often tough, like a boss fight. Defeat them, and you'll move up in rank.

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Rewards from Arena Mode

Arena mode isn't just about fame and honor – you also earn a few rewards. When you defeat an opponent in the arena, you'll receive:

  • Their mech's unique decal, which you can use on your own mech designs.
  • Credits, starting at 35,000 per win at Rank F and increasing as you climb the ranks.
  • OST chips, which upgrade your mech's Operating System. This unlocks new features like Assault Armour, manual targeting, and damage boosts for different weapon types.

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The Arena mode takes you from Rank F to Rank S, with the difficulty increasing with each fight.

And that's it, how to unlock the Arena in Armored Core 6! Make sure to stick around for some more AC6 news and guides!

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