Armored Core 6 Story Trailer Revealed

The Armored Core 6 release is right around the corner and now Bandai Namco revealed the story trailer for the much anticipated game by From Software.

Armored Core Trailer
The new story trailer for Armored Core 6 just dropped | © Bandai Namco

Guys, it's finally happening: After what feels like a way too long amount of time, Armored Core finally only a couple of weeks away and as a big From Software fan I can't help but get excited.

Armored Core is one of From Software's oldest video game series, dating back to 1997. Now we will finally get a new game for next gen consoles and the trailers look fire!

  • If the showcase taught us anything it's that you're going to need a PS5 going forward; PS4 support is now a thing of the past.

It's a mech-themed franchise where players customize and control giant robots, to complete various missions. The games are known for their complex customization options and challenging, tactical gameplay. What this means is that we can't wait to navigate our way through complex encounters with awesome customization options.

Armored Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon | Trailer Reveals First Look At The Story

So far we've seen quite some promising gameplay for armored core, but this time were got our first look behind the curtain of why we're fighting to begin with:

Granted, this trailer wasn't all that telling on the whole story aspect, but it was exciting nonetheless and added an almost emotional aspect to the epic action, or was that just me?

Anyway, Armored Core 6 really got all of us excited to get our hands on the game to check out how well the mecha setting turns out with From Software's world-class production, that made it a staple in the industry.

Looking at the gameplay, the following probably won't be a problem:

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