Assassin's Creed x Secretlab Collab To Celebrate 15th Anniversary

Assassin's Creed is celebrating its 15th Anniversary with a Secretlab collaboration. This is how to get your own AC Animus gaming chair and some awesome MAGNUS desk accessories. | sponsored

Secretlab Assassins Creed Collection
This Secretlab Assassin's Creed chair looks awesome. | © Ubisoft/Secretlab

If you are a real gamer, you probably played at least one Assassin's Creed game, right? But have you been there from the start? The very first Assassin's Creed was released way back in 2007, exactly 15 years ago. For a gaming franchise, that's pretty old. For me, it still feels like only a couple of years ago when I climbed the buildings of Jerusalem as Altaïr on my Xbox 360...

Well, it actually has been more than a few years, as the main series by now includes 12 games and numerous spin-offs. Now, after more than 50 awards and several 'Game of the Year' and 'Best Action Game' wins for the AAA franchise, Ubisoft celebrates the 15th anniversary of Assassin's Creed with a very special collaboration.

Secretlab x Assassin's Creed

Thanks to this collab, fans of the series can now bring the Assassin's Creed universe right to their gaming room. To celebrate the occasion, Ubisoft partnered with well-known gaming peripheral maker Secretlab, who are probably best known for their state-of-the-art gaming chairs. Artists from Ubisoft and Secretlabs co-designed an Assassin's Creed gaming chair, as well as some awesome desk accessories that are also inspired by the AAA franchise.

The centerpiece of the collaboration is definitely the TITAN Evo gaming chair in the 2022 Assassin's Creed Edition. As you could already see in the picture above, the chair looks just incredibly good. The design is inspired by the Animus known from the franchise and gives gamers the feeling of sitting in the Animus itself. The color combination of red, white and gray fits perfectly and since the whole thing is based on the TITAN Evo 2022 from Secretlab, the quality is of course phenomenal. If you want to get your hands on one of those chairs, just follow this link.

Secretlab Assassins Creed Chair and Desk
The dream of every Assassin's Creed fan. | © Ubisoft/Secretlab

But the collaboration doesn't end with a nice gaming chair, it also includes some pretty cool Assassin's Creed inspired desk accessories for Secretlab's MAGNUS Metal Desk. These include a huge Secretlab MAGPAD Desk Mat and a MAGNUS Cable Management Bundle – everything in the Assassin's Creed design, of course. Just take a look at the image above, who wouldn't want their gaming station to look like that?

So go ahead, upgrade your gaming room and dive into Assassin's Creed Valhalla one more time, or be perfectly prepared when the next title in the franchise is released. 15 years may be a long time, but Assassin's Creed will continue to give us hours of awesome stories and gameplay in the future. We are already looking forward to the 20th anniversary!