Atomic Heart 2 Is Already In Development, According To Devs

Atomic Heart 2 seems to be in development already, according to a news report, even though the first game only released in February. Developer Mundfish seems to already have set their eyes on a sequel though.

Atomic heart Lady Robots
Atomic Heart 2 is apparently already in development. | © Mundfish

Atomic Heart came out on February 21, so it's still pretty fresh on everyone's minds. While many players are still enjoying the game, it looks like they can already get ready for a sequel, as developer Mundfish seems to have revealed plans for Atomic Heart 2.

Atomic Heart 2 Is Coming

This news comes from a Twisted Voxel report based on a new video by journalist Aleksey Makarenkov. He asked the developer multiple questions, including one about a potential sequel to their breakout game.

And they were not coy about it, directly saying that Atomic Heart 2 is already in pre-production. That was quick! Fans of the first game will surely be happy to hear this.

Now, don't expect the game to come out any time soon. Atomic Heart apparently took over five years to make, and Mundfish have confirmed they're working on DLC for it ahead of going into full production on the sequel. So don't expect a release for Atomic Heart 2 until 2026/27 at the earliest.

Atomic Heart came out earlier this year and was one of the most hotly-debated games of 2023 so far. This was not just thanks to the game's incredible art style and intricate world building, but also due to the unclear connections between Mundfish and the Russian government.

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