Study: PC Gamers Smartest On Average, Nintendo Players Have Lowest IQ

Ever argued about which platform is the best? It's always going to be subjective, but we do at least have an interesting study for you, which compared the intelligence of the average user on each platform...

Nintendo Dumb PC Smart
According to the study Nintendo has the least intelligent gamers, while PC has the most intelligent. | © Nintendo / Paramount

Firstly, please don't take this study too seriously, or be upset if you love one platform over another. This study was merely looking at the average IQ on each platform. You might be the smartest person in the world, and you could still love playing the "dumbest" platform. Who cares? This is all just a bit of fun.

Royal Panda, a Canadian online casino, were the ones who commissioned the study. They looked at the average intelligence of each platform's users, as well the average intelligence for a number of specific games. Let's take a look at the results.

Gaming & Intelligence Study: Great News For PC R6 Siege Players!

A study on gaming and intelligence has revealed the various average IQs of users and players of different platforms and games. Among other findings, we discovered that PC-users have the highest average IQ, while Rainbow 6 Siege was the game with the most intelligent players.

Here is how the major platforms rank in terms of average IQ:

  1. PC: 112.3
  2. PlayStation: 110.7
  3. Xbox: 103.8
  4. Nintendo Switch: 101.3

Mobile gaming was technically at the bottom with 99.4, but as GameRant observed, this result is problematic because mobile gaming is a global phenomenon, and in many parts of the world mobile gaming is the only viable option. You can't therefore compare mobile as fairly to the other platforms.

If playing this game is dumb, I don't want to be smart:

Curious about the most intelligent games? Here are the top three games by average IQ of their users:

  1. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege: 120.3
  2. Among Us: 118.9 (this was easily the most shocking find in the whole study)
  3. Minecraft: 116.3

Siege makes sense, and even Minecraft, but the Among Us result is certainly unexpected.

As we said at the top, please don't take any of these results too seriously. It's just a bit of fun, and playing a game or platform says nothing about you as an individual (although how predictable that GTA: Online has the lowest average IQ).

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