You Play This Game By Sticking Your Controller In A Toilet Roll

There is a new switch game called Give me toilet paper, and you have to stick one of your Joy-Cons into a roll of toilet paper to play it. No, for real!

Give me toilet paper game weir toilet roll controller
You play "Give me toilet paper" by sticking your controller into a toilet roll. | © Nintendo

We have really seen a lot of different ways to play video games. Be it on drums or blindfolded, be it with your feet or with your tongue, bet it a totally crazy mod or just some streamer who wants to set another record.

But we can't say we have seen it all, because in Give me toilet paper, you have to stick your switch controller in a toilet roll in order to play it the right way.

Give Me Toilet Paper: Stick Your Controller In A Toilet Roll And Move It Around

Yes, the game requires by design that you have the following equipment: a Nintendo Switch, two Joy-Cons and... a roll of toilet paper.

After you prepared your toilet roll with a controller, you can roll it around in front of you and navigate through the levels. In order to beat the game, you have to solve different puzzles, or rather an obstacle course, where you have to navigate a toilet roll to the guy sitting in the restroom.

After watching a speed run through the entire game, you will exactly know how it works. And it doesn't look too easy! Since it costs only £3.60 / $5.00, you might give it a try yourself!

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