This 21 Year Old GameCube Monitor Had 3D Capabilities But Never Got Released

Someone recently found some footage of a 21-year-old GameCube monitor, which never got released by Nintendo, but that turns out to even have 3D functionality.

Game cube monitor
This unreleased GameCube monitor had 3D functionality. | © Nintendo

As recent discoveries have revealed, the Nintendo 3DS wasn't the first Nintendo console to have a functional 3D screen. Recently, lost footage of an unreleased GameCube monitor from 2002 has sparked excitement and curiosity among gaming enthusiasts. The footage, which was found after almost two decades, reveals that the monitor was not just an ordinary display but was also 3D functional, a feature that was rare at the time.

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Unreleased GameCube Monitor Had A 3D Function

This unreleased GameCube monitor was initially revealed by Nintendo at the E3 in 2002. The lost footage has unearthed a forgotten gem in gaming history. Its 3D functionality was ahead of its time and would have revolutionized the gaming industry if it had been released to the public. Nonetheless, it remains a fascinating piece of gaming history and a testament to Nintendo's innovation and creativity. The GameCube itself is still available as a renewed version on Amazon by the way.

"Adam Doree" has uploaded several minutes of Nintendo's GameCube LCD Screen prototype footage on YouTube. What's so interesting about this story though, is that at the time that this monitor was revealed, Nintendo never mentioned anything about it having 3D functionality. This only came out several years later when Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was hosting a talk about the Nintendo 3DS.

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Another higher-up at Nintendo, Hideki Konno, once mentioned in an interview that they "tried fitting the Nintendo GameCube with a small, roughly four-inch, LCD that allowed you to enjoy Luigi's Mansion in glasses-free 3D". The screen he was talking about now turns out to be the same monitor that we can see in the footage from the 2002 E3.

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