Insider Claims Switch 2 Will Be Announced This Year

A trusted industry source, Jeff Grubb, just revealed a little more info about the Switch 2. Apparently the console is expected to be announced this year, with a 45% chance it might even release this year as well.

Switch 2
If Jeff Grubb is right, the Switch 2 could be coming very soon indeed! | © Nintendo

Yes, people are still buying the Switch, and yes, it's still getting great new games like the upcoming Zelda: TotK, but that won't stop us getting hyped for the Switch 2. Nintendo will surely knock it out of the park again, and this time around they should be able to support even more games (Hell, we've even heard about Call of Duty coming to the Switch).

So far we don't have much solid info on the new Switch, but we might soon. The industry aficionado (and occasional leaker) Jeff Grubb just revealed that the Switch 2 could be announced very soon.

Grubb Reveals All: Switch 2 Announcement Incoming & Potentially Even Full Release

During episode 86 of The Last Nintendogs podcast, Jeff Grubb revealed that the Switch 2 will likely be announced in 2023. He then added that he thinks there's a 45% chance the console is actually released in 2023 as well. But, as he says in the clip, this hasn't been officially confirmed by Nintendo yet, so plans could still change.

We will keep you updated if we hear any further developments concerning a new Switch.

Are you excited about a new-generation of handheld from Nintendo? Or would you like to see them do something crazy and different?

We thought we would be playing this game on a Switch 2 by now:

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