Nintendo Switch: These Tips Will Support Your Console's Battery Health

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console that allows you to take your games anywhere and features special mobility. Unfortunately, this rather decent feature has its weaknesses. With extensive use, the battery life of your console decreases significantly. We will tell you how to avoid this!

Nintendo Switch OLED
By these methods you will be able to enjoy the better condition longer | ©Nintendo of your console's battery longer.

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console, but the battery has some issues. It doesn't hold for that long and can get even weaker over time. Here are some simple steps that will help you play the Nintendo Switch for much longer.

Regular Charging

When playing frequently, remember to charge your console regularly and not to leave it uncharged for long periods of time. Such treatment is very detrimental to the life of our battery.

Completely Turn Off The Console When You Are Not Playing

When you switch to sleep mode, it's surprisingly energy efficient, reportedly dropping only 2% of the battery after just eight hours. But it still weighs on the Switch's battery.

To do this, hold down the power button for about three seconds and select Power Options > Power Off from the menu. To turn the console back on after that, just press the power button.

Reduce The Brightness On The Display

The display is almost always the biggest battery killer in any device. It takes a lot of electrons to keep all the pixels illuminated. For this reason, lowering the brightness of the display will help save the battery. Hold down the home screen button to pull up the quick settings overlay and move the brightness slider to the left.

The OLED Model Holds Out Longer

According to information published by Nintendo, the new Switch OLED model received exactly the same battery as the one installed in the V2 version. Yet tests conducted by users have proven otherwise. The experiments showed that the Nintendo Switch OLED battery lasts up to an hour longer than in previous console models. So if you'll be in a dilemma as to what to choose, in terms of battery life we recommend the OLED version.

Turn Off Joy-Con Vibration

Nintendo's Joy-Con controllers have vibration that allows them to respond to on-screen action. Given that the motors that drive these vibrations need battery power, they can be a big battery eater. To save power, you can turn off the vibrations.

To do this, go to System Settings from the main menu and look for Controllers and Sensors settings. Here you can enable or disable the Controller Vibration option.

With these simple steps you will save your battery in your Nintendo Switch OLED console. Enjoy your gaming experience!

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