This Is How Much The Average Gamer Spends In Their Lifetime

A recent survey has revealed how much the average gamer spends in their lifetime on the hobby. It's a lot of cash. Get ready to feel some serious financial guilt...
Average Money Spent Gamer
Ever fear you're turning into a bit of a Jimmy De Santa? | © Rockstar
Come on, admit it. We've all had those moments of spending recklessly when it comes to gaming. Sometimes we've genuinely saved up and waited, but most of the time it's an impulse buy. But doing this once or twice a month is surely nothing to feel guilty about, right? Unfortunately, when you add it all up, it might be more than you expect. Here's how much the average gamer spends in a lifetime on gaming.

How Much Does A Gamer Spend On Gaming?

TheGamer recently conducted a survey with their readers to try and calculate how much the average gamer was spending, and then figuring out from that how much they would spend over the course of a lifetime. The answer? A whopping $58,000 is spent by the average gamer on the hobby over the course of their lifetime. As they say:

The results of the survey revealed the average gamer spends roughly $76 p

er month on gaming or about $58,000 over the course of their entire life. Millennials spend the most out of all gamers at roughly $86 per month and $66,000 per lifetime.

Is that a mind-blowing figure? It's about $20 a week. In comparison, to other hobbies, it's actually fairly reasonable. Most other hobbies would cost far in excess of that. A keen-golfer could easily spend over $100 per week.

To be honest, given how many hours a gamer gets out of their hobby, per dollar spent gaming is probably one of the cheapest options.

Time to go and buy the Game of the Year, guilt-free.