Attack On Titan Gets VR Game

Attack on Titan is getting a VR game made by a fan, and it already looks insanely good.

Attack on titan vr game
Will it look like this? | © MAPPA

Do you ever play a game and think: damn, this would be so cool in VR? Same. However, Attack on Titan has never, absolutely ever, made me think that a VR version is a good idea.

I know how popular this show is and many of you are probably hardcore fans, but I, for one, have seen enough TikToks about these giant Goliaths and I keep having nightmares about them, so a VR version wasn’t exactly something I ever needed. Nevertheless, it’s a fan-made project and a damn good one at that, so we want to give it some recognition, all personal feelings aside.

Attack on Titan Gets VR Game

The developer of this fan-made Attack on Titan game is called swammyxo, and he recently shared a TikTok of his ongoing project. The game he’s currently transforming into a throwing-up fest (personal feelings involved, I’m sorry) is already out on PC and mobile, so if you can’t handle VR, you can check out the other versions already!

Here is the TikTok in which swammyxo showcased the Attack on Titan VR mode.


New Update on my #VR #AttackOnTitan Fan Game! #AOT #Gaming #Anime


Not going to lie, it does look cool, and I can see why people would be excited about this. Attack on Titan is such a popular anime, even Call of Duty ended up integrating it into their game. We’d be surprised if we didn’t see more of it in the future of gaming, whether that’s with more fan projects or maybe even something from a huge game developer.

The potential is there.

For now, as a fan, all you can do is wait forpat 2 of Attack on Titan's final season to release and check out swammyxo's project on PC and mobile!