Avatar Is Getting a Breath of the Wild-Style Game

Avatar is long overdue a great game, and now it seems that the one we're getting will be inspired by Breath of the Wild.

Avatar the last airbender quest for balance game
That's exactly what we need, and all we ever wanted. | © Avatar The Last Airbender

We recently reported on an Avatar game coming to mobile devices, and now we're happy to report on even better news: Avatar The Last Airbender is getting a game inspired by Breath of the Wild, and that's... only everything we ever wanted.

Avatar The Last Airbender: Quest for Balance

The Avatar universe might just be one of the biggest unrealized gaming universes out there, aside from... every big anime and manga. You know... for the life of me I don't understand why games can't get anime licenses right. Breath of the Wild and Genshin Impact basically give us the blueprint, all you gotta do is slap one of those big IPs on it. Now it seems that that's exactly what Avatar is trying to do.

The game is currently slated for a November release date, yet we don't know much about it, nor have we seen anything, which is... odd to say the least. Still, details revealed that its art style will take cues from Breath of the Wild. The game will also cover the entirety of Book 1, 2, and 3 - so the whole Avatar The Last Airbender storyline, though some levels will feature alternate versions in a 'What If'-kinda way.

According to the leaks, Avatar The Last Airbender Quest for Balance will get a big marketing campaign before releasing for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, Switch and PC. Given the November release date, there isn't much time left to hype it up, but then again... the Avatar fanbase is so starved for a game, that there isn't much marketing necessary.