The Best PS4 Game You Never Played Is Coming to PS5

Dreams is literally a dream come true, and now PS5 players get to enjoy an upgraded version.
Dreams ps4
Anything is possible. Literally. | © Dreams

Why am I calling Dreams the best PS4 game you never played? Because, a lot of you - and I'm certain of this - never played it. Why? Because the game is just too damn complex. Me and Michelle Stummreiter actually bought the game with plans of starting our game developing journey, but we never got anywhere, because... we stupid. Now, if you're not familiar, that might not make sense to you, so let me enlighten you: Dreams is a game that lets you create games, like... actual, actual games. Look no further than this Avatar game, and then you can also imagine how complex this can get:

Dreams Is Coming to PS5

Now PS5 players will also be able to live out their game-dev Dreams (see what I did there). A Reddit user found the game's PS5 version available for purchase in the PS Store:

Looks like Dreams is getting a PS5 Version soon. from GamingLeaksAndRumours

Really, though, this should surprise no one: Dreams is one of the most original games Sony has to offer, and also it's a forever game. Since the game is literally endless, and will forever get upgrades and more creations, it only makes sense to bring it to the more powerful PS5. Sadly, we have no clue when to expect Dreams to release on the PS5.

Considering that games like the Avatar: The Last Airbender RPG I linked to above, were made with the PS4's capabilities, one can only imagine what's possible on PS5. Note that you can buy Dreams and just play other players' creations - you don't have to build your own games. So, in essence, Dreams gives you an endless gaming library for the price of one game. Dope.