Background for Esports: Everything You Need to Know About it

Esports, or electronic sports, is competition in computers at a high professional level. There are competitions in various computer games or console games and often there are games for really big cash prizes.

Worlds Cup 2021
The League of Legends World Championship 2021 trophy. LoL is a prime example of an esports game. | © Riot Games

Computer games have become a global competitive and spectator sport. Esports has grown tremendously in popularity since the turn of the millennium. The biggest esports competitions are held in football stadiums the size of Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, where up to 50,000 spectators turn up to watch players compete with mice and keyboards, while millions of people follow the competitions via the internet and television. Esports are recognized as a sport in countries such as the USA, China and South Africa, but not yet in Denmark - unlike betting on casinos ohne limit, which is found everywhere.

What is esports?

An esports tournament in FIFA. | © FIFA World Cup Grand Final 19 London

The term esports stands for ‘Electronic Sport’ and covers online competitions in computer games. When talking about esports, it is typically referred to as organized competitions at a high level. It is an important part of esports culture that you meet up for competitions in the physical world. The competitions are typically held in large arenas or in stadiums. The professional athlete Mike Petersen says in Politiken's article "Game nerds are the new folk heroes" in October 2014 (see sources): "In the beginning, we played 'professionally' with online tournaments, and it's not the same at all. The way forward is to play offline, as we do now. It is important that you can get out there and meet fans. It would be really boring if you just sat at home and played.”

What Games Do Esports Athletes Compete In?

Cs go gameplay
FIrst-person shooter CS:GO is one of the top esports games. | © Valve

Most of the esports games are played on PCs with keyboards and mice in action. The games they compete in include shooting and strategy games in real time, such as Counter-Strike or Fortnite. Most games are about destroying your opponents. But there are also competitions in, among other things, the football game FIFA. The players compete for fame, money and hardware. The matches are shown on huge screens and broadcast on websites - and sometimes also on TV.