Baldur's Gate 3 The Hag & Mayrina: Complete Guide

Dealing with The Hag in Baldur's Gate 3 is somewhat challenging, as she is one of the hardest boss fights in Act 1. Here is everything you need to know!

Baldurs Gate 3 The Hag Auntie
Baldur's Gate 3: A guide how to deal with the Hag and save Mayrina. | © Larian Studios

Baldur's Gate 3 is a massive playground for everyone who loves D&D, and it's a perfect first step for those are new to this world. And one of the best parts about D&D are the monsters, especially Hags.

With this guide we will help you to get through the ordeal with the Hag, and don't worry, we can save the girl Mayrina! We're entering major spoiler territory for this one. If you want to wait to find The Hag organically first, here is an interesting distraction for you:

Let's get started!

Baldur's Gate 3: The Hag & Mayrina Overview

  1. Meet The Hag
  2. Extra Hit Points For The Fight
  3. The First Meeting
  4. The Fight
  5. Save Mayrina

Baldur's Gate 3: Meet The Hag

The Hag lives in the far south-west of the Act 1 area, you can go directly to her home to meet her, or you can meet her in disguise in several other locations.

Baldurs Gate 3 Auntie Ethel The Hag
Baldurs Gate 3: The Hag surely wouldn't harm you, right? | © Larian Studios

She can be found disguised as a lady called Auntie Ethel in the following locations:

  • Druid's Grove. She will be selling lotions and potions – this already sounds like the worst jingle you can get, you'll know what I when meeting her.
  • Entrance to the Wetlands (the south-west region of the Act 1 map). She will be arguing with two brothers.
  • Riverside Tea House. This is her home in disguise, she will offer to help you with the parasite, if you explain your problem. Obviously, don't accept her help.

She's fantastic in all of these scenes.

Baldur's Gate 3: Extra Hit Points For The Fight

While entering the wetlands, you will have a Perception check. If you pass it, you will notice the entire biome is an illusion and the whole land is a totally rundown intoxicated hell. Otherwise, it looks like a beautiful place. Perfect occasion to say hello to your old grandma.

In any case, don't touch anything here! Most things want to see you dead or harm you in any way possible. The only thing you can interact with, is the well right outside the house of the Hag.

Interact with the Well outside the Hag's House to get a maximum addition of ten hit points until the next Long Rest.

Baldur's Gate 3: The First Meeting

Baldurs Gate 3 The Hag
Baldurs Gate 3: The kind Auntie is the Hag in disguise. | © Larian Studios

As you enter the house, you will notice Auntie Ethel and a girl called Mayrina. She has been abducted by Ethel for unknown reasons.

You can either play along with her games or anger her. If you play along, she will take your eyeball. She won't keep the bargain of removing the parasite either (it was never going to be that easy), and she instead leaves you one-eyed (decrease in Perception and disadvantage on any attack against her). Don't let this happen!

If you anger her, she will transform into the Hag and enter the fight with you. You could potentially kill her in the house, but only if you keep her unconscious until you beat her. Otherwise, she will run through an illusory wall behind the fireplace.

Since you already know about the illusory wall, you can speed things a little bit up, skip all dialogue, and enter the wall directly. She will transform into a Hag and teleport away.

Follow into her den and do not interact with any items or equip the masks. They will drive you mad, and you become a slave from the Hag, fighting your own companions.

The only thing you need to interact with is the Gnarled Door to keep moving forward (the door is an illusion and you can tell with a good Arcana check, so talk to the door with your highest INT character). After some passages you just need to jump down, you will finally reach a big room, where Mayrina and the Hag are waiting for you.

Baldur's Gate 3: The Fight

Baldurs Gate 3 The Fight With The Hag
Baldur's Gate 3: Come well-prepared to this fight, as she will otherwise wipe the floor with you. | © Larian Studios

Don't run straightforward into the room. Be very cautious and scan the area without being seen by anyone, and keep hugging the right wall. If you hug the left wall, you will run directly into the arms of the Hag.

You'll notice a glowing orb, but only approach it if you feel ready for this, as the Hag will surprise you and this leads to a disadvantage for your party.

Before you enter the fight, place your ranged fighters on a higher position and give the Hag multiple debuffs. Because once you rescue Mayrina by triggering the glowing orb, Ethel will duplicate and also disguise herself as the girl, which lead you to attack the wrong person and kill Mayrina by accident.

Try to interrupt her concentration, to keep her inactive for a couple of rounds. This will allow you to deal massive damage and to gain the upper hand in this difficult fight.

If you want to delete her instantly, just shove her into the pit (and say "bye bye you evil hag"). But this also means you won't get a hold of her precious loot. As she's able to give you a permanent stat boost and some lotions and potions – the jingle keeps sitting in my head.

Beware: Her Potions and Lotions will intoxica until your next Long Rest!

Baldur's Gate 3: Save Mayrina

Baldurs Gate 3 Connor and Mayrina
Baldurs Gate 3: As long Connor is well it doesn't matter if he's a zombie. | © Larian Studios

You can only save Mayrina during the fight by extinguishing the flame or lowering her cage by interacting with the glowing Orb. But mark the Hag with a debuff, to avoid accidentally killing Mayrina while the Hag duplicates herself.

Mayrina's attitude depends on your honesty and actions. If you tell her the Hag killed her brothers, she will be mad at the witch, and this leads to another outcome. Otherwise, she will be mad at you and won't talk to you every again.

If you're honest to Mayrina and have the wand "Bitter Divorce" in your backpack – you can find it in on the table next to the boss fight room – then you can resurrect her husband Conner. He comes back as a zombie though so be warned.

At least she's safe now?

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