Battlefield Will Return, But In An "Entirely New Way" – Should Fans Be Terrified?

Battlefield 2042 was so bad that it put the future of the franchise in jeopardy. But, thankfully (perhaps), the CEO of EA has made a clear statement in support of continuing the Battlefield games, although he suggests they will need to return in a "new way".

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Can EA ressurect the Battlefield franchise? | © EA

As someone who was excitedly covering Battlefield 2042 during its development, I can understand why fans felt such crushing disappointment at release. What was so awful about BF2042? That's a question for a different article (although Specialists certainly played a part), but we do have some hopeful news for you today.

EA CEO: Battlefield Will Return In "Entirely New Way"

Andrew Wilson, the CEO of Electronic Arts, recently hosted an investor call to discuss 2022's Q3 report. In the call, the CEO was quoted by Games Radar as saying the following:

[The team has the] ability to bring Battlefield back in an entirely new way in the future.

Did he clarify what an "entirely new way" could mean? Of course not. But, he did at least promise to reveal more info soon:

We think that Battlefield is going to be a meaningful part of our future. We'll share more as time progresses.

Call us pessimistic but we doubt that Battlefield will have what it takes, even if they do try something "entirely new". And more to the point, Battlefield fans don't want something entirely new, they want an updated and perfected version of the classic formula.

But no matter what they try, they better do it quickly. Because unlike when BF2042 released, the shooter market is really heating up again. From XDefiant to The Finals, we have plenty of other options besides CoD now.

We'll update you as soon as we hear even a peep out of EA about the next Battlefield.

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