Battlefield 2042's Specialists "are definitely staying" Despite Backlash From Fans

Specialists have been highly contentious in Battlefield 2042 - most fans heavily dislike them. But a recent leak has made it clear, they're "definitely staying".

BF2042 Specialists are here to stay
These guys are here for good we're afraid. | © EA

Remember how in older Battlefield games you always had the four main classes? Each class would only be able to use certain equipment and certain types of weapons. People loved classes, they were iconic of Battlefield. Yeah, the devs have scrapped that.

Instead, they've gone for a hero-shooter-like system, and it's every bit as awful as that sounds. During the beta, fans hated using Specialists and were calling for their removal. Unfortunately, a new leak has confirmed that this ain't happening.

But before we get into the leak, here's a rundown on Specialist's and why they're so unpopular:

Specialists In Battlefield 2042

Fans were quite sure that these would be removed, and honestly so did we; the reaction was overwhelmingly negative. But here's what Battlefield-insider Tom Henderson heard:

And the community response to Tom's tweet was somewhat predictable:

Yep, people largely hate the Specialist system - it just doesn't feel like Battlefield, and it alleviates people of any class responsibility.

Another more pressing concern is that it makes it very hard to tell who is on whose side. Because the exact same character models are used for both teams in a multiplayer match.

They can still make changes to the system even if it isn't removed entirely though, so let's just not lose hope just yet.

Can We Trust This Leak?

Tom Henderson has been fairly reliable in regards to Battlefield 2042 leaks in the past. He's been wrong a few times, and he made about four separate predictions for beta dates, but it seems that this was more because EA didn't even know what they were doing, not that Henderson was lying. Given how much effort it would take to remove Specialists, and Henderson's impressive leaking history, we think you can take this as gospel.

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