BioShock Movie Director Gives An Update On The Project

The director of the upcoming BioShock movie has revealed some new info on the project and how it is developing.

Big Daddy From Bioshock
The BioShock movie is well underway. | © 2K

Maybe you have already forgotten, but Netflix has announced a movie adaptation of BioShock, with Francis Lawrence of "The Hunger Games" fame attached as director. In a new interview, Lawrence now gave an update on how that project is going.

BioShock Movie: What To Expect

In an interview with Collider, Lawrence talks about the BioShock franchise and his work on the film. Here's what he had to say about the games and what it's like, to be adapting it.

"There's real ideas and philosophies underneath the game property, and it's really, really, really thought out. I think the film can be really unique and really beautiful and really entertaining"

He also seems to confirm, that the film will most likely be R-rated, as he has "not felt stifled in any way, or sent in any directions with Netflix" yet, with him and the rest of the creative team being able to do whatever they want with it.

This actually sounds like a pretty good foundation for a BioShock movie. Let's see if we get this or BioShock 4 first, though. Michael Green (Blade Runner 2042), who is writing the movie, is still in the middle of the process, according to Lawrence, meaning that it will still take a few years until the movie actually becomes reality.