Wait... There Could Have Been A GTA Movie With Eminem?

According to an industry insider, Rockstar shut down an offer to make a GTA film with Eminem. Oh, what this could have been...

GTA movie Eminem
Eminem could have been in a GTA movie, but Rockstar said "nah". | © UMG / EarlyGame

There are many wild stories surrounding Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar and the Houser brothers, who were responsible for the franchise. But this might be one of the wildest ones yet: it is claimed, that Rockstar was offered to make a GTA movie starring Eminem – and they said no. To Eminem! Fools... anyway, let's dive deeper into this story.

GTA Movie Starring Eminem? No, Thank You

Games industry veteran Kirk Ewing, who is very chummy with the Houser brothers, spoke on Bugzy Malone's "Grandest Game" podcast about this story. He claimed to have talked to Sam Houser about "the possiblity of making a film", shortly after the release of GTA 3.

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And he was apparently quick to get some good offers, as he explains in the podcast:

I remember taking a call at about 4am from one of the producers in LA with an offer to make a film, and he said – 'Kirk, we’ve got Eminem to star and it’s a Tony Scott [Director of Top Gun] film, are you interested?'

And what did Sam Houser say? "Not interested". God damn it, Sam. I mean, I kinda get it: Ewing suggests, that the Housers believed in GTA potentially becoming bigger than any movie at the time, and they would end up being right. But still... a GTA movie with Eminem would have been so awesome. What a shame.

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