GTA 5 in 16K Looks Amazing: Will This Be The Level Of GTA 6?

Were you ever wondering what GTA 5 looks like in 16K? Well, someone tried it out, and the results look stunning!

GTA 5 driving mechanics
GTA 5 in 16K looks amazing. | © Rockstar Games

GTA 5 already looks amazing, especially on the PlayStation 5. Despite the fact that the game is already 10 years old, it still retains its charm. Recently, however, someone tried to make GTA 5's graphics, which are already great for their age, even more beautiful by putting it in a stunning resolution of 16K. Is that what we can expect from GTA 6 in the future?

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What GTA 5 Looks Like In 16K

The YouTube channel Digital Dreams recently posted a video, showing what Grand Theft Auto V would look like in 16K, by using a Real Life Graphics Mod and Ray Tracing on an RTX4090. You can check it out below. The creator of the video wanted to show how technology has progressed to the point where slightly modded games can even be played in something as seemingly ridiculous as a 16K resolution.

If you're excited about GTA 6 as we are, check out this video:

It's incredibly exciting to see what's possible these days. After making a lot of videos of games in 8K, the creators have outdone themselves again and simply doubled the already ridiculously high resolution as if it were nothing.

Although there's no monitor to see the difference from 8k to 16k and YouTube also doesn't allow anything above 8k, it's still quite impressive, how smoothly the game still runs despite the high requirements.

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If GTA 6 offers us beautiful graphics that take advantage of a 16K resolution, count me in! I just hope I can afford one of those monitors when they eventually come out...

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