GTA 5 Can Now Be Played on the Game Boy. Seriously.

Someone managed to get GTA 5 running on a Game Boy. Yes, the 'Skyrim will be ported to a fridge'-joke is becoming awfully real. GTA 5 on a Game Boy? Seriously? Yeah... seriously.

Gta 5 game boy
Yup... you can play the game on your 1989 Game Boy. | © Rockstar, Nintendo

What a time to be alive: GTA 5 on a Game Boy. Also, what a waste of time, because who the f*** wants to play GTA 5 on a Game Boy? I guess sometimes, we just do things to prove we can do things, and Sebastian Staacks is one of those people that obviously has way too much time on his hands: The German physicist put his degree to good use and gave us the gift of GTA 5 on a 1989 Game Boy. Wow.

GTA 5 Can Be Streamed On The Game Boy

In order to get this going, you have to do a little work and set up your own streaming cartridge, because that's what it all revolves around: Data being sent to the Game Boy via the internet – via streaming. From there on, Sebastian Staacks worked some magic to get the modern full-screen images rendered into the 20 FPS not-so-full-screen Game Boy display. There's a whole video on how he accomplished it, and, if you're also one of those people with a lot of time on their hands, it's worth watching:

If you follow his steps and get the streaming cartridge, you can not only play GTA 5 on your Game Boy, but basically any game. Since Pokémon Arceus is right around the corner, and its graphics are straight outta 1989 anyway... the timing couldn't be better.