Rockstar & Meta Working On Two VR Projects, Claims Source

An alleged insider source claims, that Rockstar Games is working on two VR projects based on old IPs.

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Are Rockstar titles coming to VR? | © Take Two

Rockstar Games is one of the biggest developers in the world, especially thanks to GTA. But one area they haven't really dabbled in is VR. So far, at least. This might change soon, according to this exciting reveal we got today.

A message popped up on Reddit, which caused some stir. A supposed disgruntled ex-employee of Meta, which recently fired 11.000 people, claims to have some inside info on possible VR projects based on franchises by Rockstar Games. They claim that one of them is Manhunt VR (remember that one?) and another game that is based on a classic IP, but they're not revealing any details on that.

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These titles are supposed to be Quest 2 exclusives, but could be pushed back to Quest 3. They're supposedly in development at Meta's Oculus division or one of the studios it recently acquired, Armature and VGD.

Now, this obviously needs to be taken with a big grain of salt. This is just a person on the internet, claiming to be something they can't prove to actually be. It very rarely, if ever, happens that someone just jumps on Reddit and blurts out some internal details, which are surely protected with NDAs and such.

So it's hard to fully believe in this, but it is curious and exciting for sure. Let's see if we will eventually see games by Rockstar come to VR.

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