Blizzard's New Survival Game "Odyssey" Is Reportedly Almost Here

The new survival game Blizzard is working on, named "Odyssey", seems to be closer than expected. Now some new information has been leaked, and the community has every right to be excited about the upcoming title.

Blizzard Survival Game
Blizzard's survival game "Odyssey" lies not far ahead of us. | © Blizzard

Blizzard is working on a new treat for their community and, against what was expected, it's going to be a survival type of game. At the beginning of 2022, we were given some first few insights on Blizzard's Odyssey”, which seemed to be just a “work in progress” title for their upcoming release. But since people got used to the name already, they officially stated to keep it for the finished project as well. Now that Blizzard's new baby finally has a name, we can take a closer look at what to expect from its release.

Blizzard's Survival Game Odyssey Could Come Sooner Than Expected

Like so many times before, Blizzard is holding back with exact release dates and tends to be not that revealing about their newer projects. Microsoft Central Managing Editor Jez Corden now confirmed in the Xbox Two podcast that the game is almost finished, and even better, that he was able to test play it already. So that has to mean, we as players can soon hop into the new world of Odyssey and start exploring pretty soon, right?

Well … it's still Blizzard and if we think about the time when Overwatch 2 “seemed” to be ready and when it actually got released, it could still take a few months, unfortunately. And that is for two reasons:

BlizzCon 2023

Rather than just releasing it as it is, Blizzard seems to have other plans. The BlizzCon in November 2023 would make for a great stage to celebrate the official release and introduce players to the world of Odyssey. It's just the perfect opportunity to present us all the details and features we are waiting for at the moment, live on stage.

There is no better opportunity to show off new games! | © Blizzard

Diablo 4 Release

Most of you probably have this day marked in your calendars already. A little hint for the ones who did not get the memo: it's June 6, as of now. Even if Odyssey should finish around this time, Blizzard will probably not publish two new games in such a small time span. There is enough competition out there without them being their own competitor as well.

  • Playing on PS5? Then it's Diablo 4 time soon! Odyssey has to wait just a little longer.
D4 Necromancer Key Art2
Would Odyssey steal Diablo 4 the show? | © Blizzard

Everything We Know About The Game

Gameplay Style And Features

As said before, Odyssey is going to be a survival game and as one might already know, the main point of such games is surviving the dangers which lurk around these world's shadows. Putting the obvious aside, the game seems to combine traditional survival features, like hunting, building and crafting, with PvE combat possibilities for players to experience. Sounds a little like in “Sons of the Forest” to me!

Corden also revealed that there will be MMO features such as trading and even the possibility to open player-owned shops, where the community can sell and buy craftable and collectable items to others. Which leads us to the conclusion that the game is one hundred percent meant to be played online.

Furthermore, there will be plenty of opportunities to embrace your own play style due to the variety of weapons, reaching from traditional bows and swords to magical spells. The game is suspected to be played in first-person mode.

Art Style & Platforms

When talking about the graphics of the game, Corden explains that it tends to go in the direction of games like Overwatch, and is even comparable to Rare's upcoming game “Everwild”. Especially players with weaker PCs should be excited about that.

Not a PC-player? Don't worry, Odyssey will be released for consoles as well! And maybe even Nintendo Switch owners will get a piece of the cake this time around as well. It is to be speculated whether the game will also be released for the PlayStation, since Microsoft may want to create an advantage for their own console being the Xbox.

There is still a lot about the game, that stays hidden for now. But it seems to be a bigger deal than some of us expected it to be, so we should for sure stay excited about what coming in the future and what the BlizzCon brings.

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