Bloodhunt Ranked Mode Explained

Bloodhunt now has a Ranked Mode but how does it work and how can you reach the top of the Vampire food chart?

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Everything you need to know about Bloodhunt's Ranked Mode. | © Sharkmob

It wasn't long into the Early Access stage of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt that players started calling for a Ranked Mode. Thankfully, and perhaps predictably, such a mode is now live in the game.

Offering up players the opportunity to stake their claim at the top of the leaderboard and win some rewards while doing it, Bloodhunt's Ranked Mode is the perfect way to play if you like to compete against similarly skilled players.

The mode itself does have a few features that might be unfamiliar to some but this Bloodhunt Ranked Mode guide will see you right.

How To Unlock Bloodhunt Ranked Mode

New players won't be able to jump straight into Bloodhunt's Ranked Mode as your account level has to be at least 10. As the developers explained, this is in an attempt to mitigate banned cheaters making new accounts and being able to get back into the mode.

While this account level requirement might disappoint some, the path to getting a level 10 account can be completed in a matter of hours; simply by playing matches, getting kills, and - if you're a hotshot - winning some too.

If you are starting out, it would be a good idea to use the time leveling your account to try out the different Archetypes (classes), and discover which one suits your playstyle best.

Bloodhunt Ranked Mode Explained

Bloodhunt's Ranked Mode has six ranks in total; starting with Bronze and ending with Obsidian. Players can not fall out of a rank that they have already obtained and the end of each season sees the reset of both your rank and Rank Point (RP) score.

In each game, players receive Ranked Points based on placement and eliminations. Winning a match nets you 100 RP, while each player elimination earns you 20 - these figures are the same, no matter what rank you are.

Ranked points gain
Ranked Points (RP) gained in a Bloodhunt match. | © Sharkmob

Matches will cost players RP to enter except for Bronze which is free.

The higher rank you are, the more RP it costs to enter the match, meaning as you progress, the ranks your average performance (in pure RP) has to get better, or you risk making no progress.

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Bloodhunt's ranks. | © Sharkmob

Bloodhunt Ranked Mode Rewards

Rewards are dished out at the end of the season, with Season 1 expected to end on July 14, that date also marks the start of Bloodhunt Season 2. Rewards are cosmetic items that increase in rarity the higher the rank you are.

To check out the Ranked Rewards for the season. When in the lobby, press "TAB" to change the game mode; select the Ranked queue, and then click the right mouse button for more information. Navigate to the reward's menu when is in the center of the screen.

The following rewards are available in Bloodhunt Ranked Season 1:

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Bloodhunt Season 1 Ranked rewards. | © Sharkmob

Once the season's over, these rewards will no longer be available and, remember, each season will see your RP and Rank reset, so you will once again be in Bronze and grinding to the top.

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