All Valorant Agents Real Names

Every Valorant agent has their own personality outside the game. Some teasers even let us know the agents' real names!

Valorant Blackmailer Messages
So that's what they're called! | © Riot Games Screencapture, EarlyGame

Before Fade was released in the game, Riot Games gave us a lot of teasers regarding the Valorant lore. The most important teasers were dossiers left by Fade around the map which gave us a lot of hefty information about the agents, including their real names. So let's take a look at the real names behind all Valorant agents, excluding Fade!

Valorant Agents Real Name

Here are the real names behind all Valorant agents. There's also included the agents' number, codenames, and country of origins for all your lore story needs:

AgentReal NameAgent Number and CodenameCountry of Origin
AstraEfia DansoNo. 16 - RiftGhana
BreachErik TorstenNo. 13 - BreachSweden
BrimstoneLiam ByrneNo. 1 - Sarge, BrimstoneThe USA
ChamberVincent FabronNo. 18 - DeadeyeFrance
CypherAmir El AmariNo. 5 - GumshoeMorocco
JettSunwoo HanNo. 10 - Wushu, Woosh, HawkSouth Korea
KAY/ONone (Robot)No. 17 - GrenadierUnknown
KilljoyKlara BöhringerNo. 4 - KilljoyGermany
NeonTala Nicole Dimaapi ValdezNo. 19 - SprinterPhilippines
Omen[Redacted], speculations: John, Fred, Marcus, Yohan, and DmitriNo. 3 - WraithUnknown
PhoenixJamie AdeyemiNo. 9 - Phnx, Phoenix

The United Kingdom

RazeTayane AlvesNo. 12 - ClayBrazil
ReynaZyanya MondragónNo. 11 - VampireMexico
SageLing Ying WeiNo. 7 - ThorneChina
SkyeKirra FosterNo. 14 - GuideAustralia
SovaSasha NovikovNo. 6 - Hunter, SovaRussia
ViperSabine CallasNo. 2 - PandemicThe USA
YoruRyo KiritaniNo. 15 - StealthJapan

Although the agents' real names and backstories were revealed, we have yet to find out more when the new Valorant map drops. Because this information was given to us by Fade, we'll possibly never know the names of new upcoming agents in Valorant.