Breath of the Wild 2 Story Might Have Just Been Cracked

We just got some new Breath of the Wild 2 footage, and, of course, the internet already took it as far as possible: We might just have cracked the Breath of the Wild 2 story.
Breath of the wild 2 story master sword
Will we spend our time in Breath of the Wild 2 looking to reforge the Master Sword? | © Nintendo

So, Breath of the Wild just got delayed into 2023. Nintendo hasn't given a specific reason, but it could be that they want the game as a launch title for the new Nintendo Switch. This is not the only speculation that comes with the announcement: The news also featured a new clip, with footage of a broken Master Sword, which you can see above.

Breath of the Wild 2 Story: Reforge the Master Sword

The internet being what it is, fans already have some theories about why we can see the Master Sword in such a state. More specifically, Reddit has some theories:

Fans think that the Breath of the Wild 2 story will revolve around reforging the Master Sword and finally defeating Ganon once and for all. It could well be that the Malice - which caused Links arm to look like what it does now - also corrupted the Master Sword. Also, the scene from the new footage is eerily similar to a scene in Skyward Sword, where Link bathes the Goddess Sword in the sacred flames in order to create the Master Sword in the first place. Now, of course, you'll know that the Goddess Hylia already appeared in Breath of the Wild, so it's not impossible that she might be involved in the journey to repair the sword. That does not mean that Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild 2 are connected, but it could just be a nice nostalgic moment for us fans.

In any case, it is obvious that the Master Sword will be a major part of the story, and it certainly would be interesting if these fans already cracked it all the way open. Restoring the Master Sword and defeating Ganon? I'm in, but honestly.... I didn't play Breath of the Wild 1 for the story anyway.