Breath of the Wild 2 Could Be Nintendo Switch 2 Exclusive

All indicators point to a new Nintendo Switch, and now it seems Breath of the Wild 2 is our biggest indicator yet.
Breath of the wild 2 nintendo switch 2 exclusive
All of this goodness might launch with the new Nintendo Switch 2. | © Nintendo

The rumors regarding the new Nintendo Switch just won't stop. Call it the Nintendo Switch 2, call it the Nintendo Switch Pro... I don't care - something is happening, and the OLED version was a cash grab, not anything significant that affects either of the former. Now, the news of Breath of the Wild being delayed is the latest indicator that a new Nintendo Switch is coming.

Breath of the Wild 2 As New Switch Launch Title

Breath of the Wild 1 already pushed the graphics on the Nintendo Switch, and remains the best looking game on the platform. Undoubtedly, Nintendo will want to improve upon that, and the fans want the game to be in 4K, and, undoubtedly... the Switch can't handle that. Hell, it even struggled with the original Breath of the Wild at times, and that was all the way back in 2017. How should the sequel possibly excel on that dated system? It only makes sense to even go as far as to assume that Breath of the Wild might exclusively come to the Nintendo Switch 2. An OG Switch version would just hold the game back.

Don't you think that Breath of the Wild 2 being delayed into an unspecified 2023 date is kind of a big, massive hint? Consider the fact that the original Breath of the WIld, as well as other Zelda games, were launch titles, and the plot only thickens. Breath of the Wild 2 is the epitome of a system seller, so there is no better time for Nintendo to release a new system... until they release a new Yelda game, which could take another decade. Or, let me put it this way: Do you really think Nintendo will release their new Switch without a new Zelda? Exactly. The time is now. Or... you know, 2023.