This is the Superman Game We Never Got to Play

Superman game cancelled
This impressive Superman game was cancelled! | © SteamBot

Details have been revealed about a cancelled Superman game from 2007 that looked to take the world by storm, if it had been released. The cancelled Superman game, known as Blue Steel, would have featured environmental destruction and was slated to release on the PS3, to coincide with the Superman Returns films.

Superman "Blue Steel" looked set to feature some pretty cool features indeed, and many players are excited by the concept of a destructible Superman game. A gameplay prototype was even released to YouTube, showing some pretty dodgy in-development graphics, but some super cool ideas for a game. That is, if you like Superman. If you don't then this canceled Superman game probably won't interest you.

A bit disappointed about the cancelled Superman game? Well, that's okay. We understand. Here's some different news to sink your teeth into, and get your gears grinding...

What Was the Canceled Superman Game Blue Steel?

The canceled Superman Game, known as Blue Steel, has been revealed in detail to be an aerial brawling, city-based a Superman game with impressive destruction elements. That would go especially for its time period, as it had been in development in 2007 for the PS3. As Salvatrix, a former developer who worked on the game, mentioned on Twitter:

The goal was to present super brawls as they were seen in the cartoons and comics. JLU was our main touchstone. We put together this fast video montage to show what everything we wanted to have as gameplay. And we DID IT.

Salvatrix's long Twitter thread detailed many more elements of the regrettably canceled Superman game, including "crashing through buildings, fast target engagement, knocking your foe into the next block, shockwaves from hits, impact grooves in the streets or building sides" and more. Honestly, it looks freaking wild, and you can check out the Tweet below. Follow the thread, this thing looks insanely cool.

Salvatrix seems pretty convinced that the game would have delivered on its promise of an amazing open-world Superman game, if it had been allowed to release. It is especially sad to see this optimism, considering that the game was eventually canceled. We also know from experience that, even since 2007, there have basically been no good Superman games. It's a shame. This one looks incredible, check out the prototype gameplay that was posted to YouTube...

Why Was Superman Blue Steel Canceled?

Superman Blue Steel was canceled, sadly, due to the Global Financial Crisis, which also spelled the end for the development studio developing the game. The developers, Factor 5, were sadly put out of business by the GFC, though Salvatrix has been able to find work since. She does say, though, that Superman Blue Steel's cancellation was "the biggest regret of my career". We're sorry, dear Developers, we're sorry. We would have loved to play your game. Truly.

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