CS:GO Skins – Information & Price | Everything You Need To Know

Skins in Counter Strike: Global Offensive are an indispensable part of the game. With their help, each player can show his individuality. Check, if you know everything about skins!

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Knowing the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive, we can be sure that an extremely important element of this FPS is the community market.

Weapon skins in CS:GO, which players can collect by opening cases and then trading them on the community market, may seem on the surface to be just a visual element. The skin economy in question is based on the fact that each skin has its individual value. This is determined by several factors that you need to know about as an impassioned skin trader!

CS:GO Skin Condition

It doesn't take much knowledge of skins to notice that each of them has its own condition, which reflects on the appearance in the game, and of course, the price. Below are all the conditionings from best to worst.

  • Factory New (0.00–0.07)
  • Minimal Wear (0.07–0.15)
  • Field Tested (0.15–0.37)
  • Well Worn (0.37–0.44)
  • Battle Scarred (0.44–1.00)

In turn, the numbers to the right of each condition are referred to as the float value. It is expressed in terms of the point scale contained in the condition.

In general, the smaller the float value, the better the skin looks. It is worth remembering at this point the individual point levels assigned to each condition.

CS:GO Skin Rarity

As you may have already noticed on the Steam marketplace or in the in-game inventory, some skins are marked with a specific color that expresses rarity:

  • Gray – Common (consumer/standard grade)
  • Blue – Uncommon (industrial grade)
  • Dark blue – Rare (Mil-spec)
  • Purple – Mythical (restricted)
  • Pink – Legendary (classified)
  • Red – Ancient (covert)
  • Yellow – Immortal (contraband items)

Logically, the rarer the skin, the harder it is to drop it in the cases, but what emotions accompany us while opening them!

CS:GO Skin Quality Categories

Besides the definition of rarity, skin also can have an additional quality:


Quality StatTrak is an additional counter that shows on a given weapon the number of enemies it has killed. On the Steam marketplace and in the inventory, weapons with such a counter are marked in orange, while purple StatTrak™ markings have only knives.


Souvenir quality, on the other hand, has no additional features compared to StatTrak™. Such a skin simply commemorates a specific event that took place in the CS:GO game world.

Unusual (★)

The star marking occurs only on knife skins and gloves. This feature of the item also has no function, only effectively impacts the value.

Well, that would be enough of the basics about skins in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Now you have certainly improved your knowledge of opening cases quite a lot, so we wish you a lot of luck with it!

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