Dead Island 2: How To Fast Travel

In Dead Island 2, fast travel can save you a lot of valuable time. This short guide will help you to figure out all the requirements around the fast traveling in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2: Here's how you can use fast travel. | © PLAION

In Dead Island 2 there are a bunch of thrilling missions for you to complete. To get across the map quickly and save yourself as much time as possible, you should make use of the game's fast travel mechanic. Since the game itself never really explains how to use the fast travel, we will gladly take over the job to do so.

Dead Island 2 Fast Travel: How To Unlock

Before you can use this extremely useful option to your advantage, you will have to spend some time in the game first. To be precise, you will unlock the feature during the course of the main story. The game includes 24 main story missions, with the 14th of them being “The Red Mist”.

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Around the end of that quest, you reach the Blue Crab Grill in Venice Beach. Once there, you help the survivors make dinner by finding the circuit breaker to power the grill gates. The fast travel will be unlocked after that, without the game really telling you so.

How Fast Travel Works In The Game

After you unlocked fast travel, you will have to find a particular map, that is either hanging on the wall or is lying around on a table. To be able to use a fast travel point, you need to explore this region by foot first and find said map in different places. That means the fast travel is only useful for places you have to revisit.

Dead Island 2 Fast travel
Keep an eye out for these maps and find all fast travel spots! | © PLAION

To travel from one region to the other, you just interact with one of the discovered maps, and it will show you your available spots to go to. Click on the one you would like to travel to and enjoy the ride.

Fast Travel Spots

Dead Island 2 has ten regions and twelve fast travel spots. Here is a quick overview where to find all the Spots:

  • Bel-Air: Emma’s Mansion
  • Halperin Hotel: Janitor’s Office
  • Beverly Hills: Roxanne’s House
  • Monarch Studios: Green Screen
  • Brentwood Sewer: Maintenance Room
  • Brentwood Sewer: ZFZ Near Patton’s
  • Venice Beach: Blue Crab Grill (here you unlock fast traveling)
  • Venice Beach: The Tower
  • The Pier: Lifeguard HQ
  • Ocean Avenue: Serling Hotel
  • The Metro: Utility Storage
  • Hollywood Boulevard: Re-Aging Clinic

Now enjoy your time in Dead Island 2 and discover all the travel points for an easier time during later parts of the game. If you need more guides and helpful tricks around our favorite zombie-slayer game, check out our other Dead Island 2 guides!

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