PlayStation Plus February 2021: First Free Game Revealed

Destruction allstars
Will this be the new Rocket League? (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The January PlayStation Plus games have just been released, and the first game from February 2021 is revealed in a fresh video: Destruction AllStars could be the next Rocket League-style multiplayer hit.

Have you secured your PlayStation Plus games for January yet? Yes? Well done. In February 2021, we can expect a potential highlight in the form of Destruction AllStars, which seems like a cross between Fortnite and Rocket League.

Destruction allstars gameplay
Cars, fights, explosions: Will Destruction AllStars be THE multiplayer hit of the year? (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Destruction AllStars Gameplay

Originally, the multiplayer game Destruction AllStars was supposed to be released on the PlayStation 5 in November, but it was postponed a few days before release and confirmed as a PS Plus free game in February.

Apart from a teaser trailer, there have been no gameplay scenes from the multiplayer title so far, which has the potential to become the next Rocket League (after all, the car football game also launched as a PlayStation Plus title at the time). That is now changing with a short gameplay video.

Battle Royale racing game? What awaits you in Destruction AllStars

We don't yet know what exactly Destruction AllStars is aiming for. However, the gameplay trailer of the PlayStation Plus game for February 2021 indicates a mixture of battle royale, destruction derby, and racing game - Fortnite meets Rocket League.

The objective is to eliminate the competitors, either alone or in a team. You can even leave the vehicle in the course of a game. However, that's all we know at the moment. Sony and developer Lucid Games will probably reveal more details in the coming days. Destruction AllStars will be released as part of the free PS Plus games at the beginning of February, but you can also buy the title for the full price in the shop.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.