Diablo 4: How To Summon A Golem

Necromancer's can eventually summon Golem's in Diablo 4, here's how.

Diablo 4 How To Summon Golem
Diablo 4: How To Summon A Golem | © Blizzard

Diablo 4 features five classes, and one of the most popular is the Necromancer. Now, if you're on this page you've probably decided to play the Necromancer yourself, and why not? This is maybe the coolest class in the game, even if it isn't the most powerful.

The Necromancer get's to summon undead minions to help, and eventually they can even summon a Golem. Here's a short guide on how to summon the Golem in Diablo 4. Enjoy.

How To Summon A Golem

To summon a Golem as a Necromancer in Diablo 4 you need to get to level 25, complete the "Call of the Underworld" quest, and then select the skill Summon Golem. So, we know what you're thinking, "where can I find the Call of the Underworld quest?" This quest will automatically unlock when you hit level 25, and then it will be located here in Fractured Peaks:

How to summon Golem Diablo 4
You can start the "Call of the Underworld" quest by going to the area marked by a red circle on the map of Fractured Peaks above. | © Blizzard

It's quite far to the North-West of Kyovashad.

Once you've completed the "Call of the Underworld" quest you will have unlocked Golems, now you just need to select the Summon Golem ability. Just open up the Character/Abilities menu, tab across to Abilities, and hold down the left stick to go to skill assignment (console) or drag the Summon Golem skill directly on to your hotbar (PC).


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