Diablo 4 Rogue Build: The Best Demon Hunter Ranged Build

Here is our best ranged Rogue build for Diablo 4. Whoever loved the Demon Hunter in Diablo 3 will have a lot of fun with this build.

Diablo 4 Rogue
The Rogue is obviously the best class in Diablo 4! | © Early Game/Blizzard

As with every Diablo game ever, players can choose a class depending on what play style they prefer. Do you want to be a sophisticated Sorcerer dealing all kinds of elemental damage, maybe a Necromancer conjuring your own army of skeletons or maybe just go berserk and bonk everything with big hammers as a Barbarian?

If you ask me, none of this is the right way to go, old school ranged damage with a bow or crossbow and a few cool stealth abilities is the only right choice. The Demon Hunter was absolutely awesome in Diablo 3 (even in Diablo Immortal) and with the right build, the Rogue in Diablo 4 is just that.

Note: The Rogue in Diablo 4 can be played as a melee or ranged character, or as a mix of both. In this guide, we will focus on a purely ranged build.

Diablo 4 Rogue Demon Hunter Build: Skill Distribution

Here, we will tell you what abilities and talents you should go for in your skill tree. We won't go into detail concerning your gear, just know that for your legendaries you are obviously looking for affixes that support your picked skills.

So here we go, these are the skills you want to pick for a purely ranged build that dishes out tons of damage:

Basic Skills
Forceful ArrowEnhanced Forceful Arrow -> Fundamental Forceful Arrow
Core Skills
Penetrating ShotEnhanced Penetrating Shot -> Improved Penetrating Shot
Rapid FireEnhanced Rapid Fire -> Improved Rapid Fire
Agility Skills
DashEnhanced Dash -> Methodical Dash
Subterfuge Skills

Imbuement Skills

Shadow ImbuementEnhanced Shadow Imbuement -> Blended Shadow Imbuement
Ultimate Skills
Shadow Clone
Prime Shadow Clone -> Supreme Shadow Clone
SpacializationCombo Points

How To Play The Rogue Demon Hunter Build

So let's explain our choice of skills. Our Basic skill, the Forceful Arrow, with its upgrades will not only make enemies vulnerable, but also push them back and even stun them, if they hit another enemy while being pushed back. This ensures we can keep our enemies at a distance.

For our Core skills we actually pick two different ones: Penetrating Shot and Rapid Fire. Both of them work best when combined with Shadow Imbuement, which infects enemies and makes them explode upon death.

The Penetrating Shot is basically a sniper skill that at the same time works a charm in taking out huge groups of smaller enemies. Just cast Shadow Imbuement and shoot the Penetrating Shot through a whole group of enemies and watch them explode.

Rapid Fire on the other hand is our main ability to deal a lot of single target damage. We went with the Improved upgrade since this will gain you some energy if you hit vulnerable enemies. Since our basic skill is making enemies vulnerable, this ensures that we can use Rapid Fire even longer before our energy is depleted.

Since we don't want to rely only on our one default dodge to not get hit, we invest a few points into the Dash ability, which will make us more mobile and allow for several dodges in a row to get out of harms way.

And this brings us to the Ultimate skills. Obviously, Rain of Arrows is cool as fuck, but if you want to deal damage and melt bosses quickly, you need to go for Shadow Clone. This will spawn a clone of you, who will mimic all your attacks for 15 seconds and with the Supreme upgrade will deal 80% of your damage. So, if you use Rapid Fire, your clone will as well – line up your attacks with the clone and you will deal insane damage.

Rouge specializations
The Combo Points Specialization is just awesome. | © Blizzard

Now that you know what skills are the best, let's talk about the Specialization. We recommend to use Combo Points. It is the first Specialization you unlock for the Rogue and will amplify your damage by a lot. Every basic attack grants one Combo Point up to a maximum of three, which are then used up to boost your next Core skill.

Penetrating Shot with three Combo Points will increase your damage by 90% and your Lucky Hit Chance by 30%, but Rapid Fire is even more op. Use Rapid Fire with three Combo Points for a 39% damage increase and 8 arrows fired instead of five.

If you attack a boss, always hit him three times with your basic skill and then with Rapid Fire. Just repeat this and you will melt them in no time.

And that's it. With this Rogue build, you will destroy everything in Diablo 4, and be incredibly mobile at the same time. One of the best builds and super fun to play, especially if you liked the Demon Hunter.

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