Diablo 4: New Anthem "Lilith" Is A Collab Of Halsey And The Best BTS Member

The Diablo 4 release is one of the biggest events for this year's gaming scene. Such a great game also needs an equally epic theme song! And this one comes courtesy of two unlikely collaborators.

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Diablo 4: "Lilith" will be a collab of Halsey and this BTS-member! | © Activision Blizzard

Halsey and BTS have made great collaborations songs before as well and mixing in that awesome vibe of the brand new Diablo 4 will certainly spice up things even more!

In a recenttrailer, which was uploaded on one of Halsey's YouTube channels (and which is way too short btw), you could already spy in a split second who the lucky BTS member will be! And we have every reason to be excited about that brilliant duo!

Which of our BTS boys would you want to be featured in “Lilith”?

Diablo 4: “Lilith” Is A Collab Of Halsey And BTS

BTS is the biggest K-Pop group right now! Their debut was back in 2013 with a song called “No More Dream”, which was performing pretty well for being their first ever song.

Nowadays, they have a HUGE fan base, which is absolutely obsessed with these seven talented idols. They already made their way into the international charts with English and Korean songs, even featuring other artists like Nicki Minaj or Halsey!

And yet again, for this massive project, one of the BTS members will team up with Halsey to create something beautiful. This combination seemed to be a great success in the past, so it makes sense to see it back again!

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And without showing too much of my own excitement about the choice of Halsey's singing partner, I can very happily tell you that Suga is the one to be featured in the Diablo 4 anthem “Lilith”!

The two have already released a beautiful song called “Interlude” three years ago, and this new project is once again amazing! The song was released on June 5, so one day before the final release of Diablo 4! The hype is real!

Do you think Suga is a perfect for this song?

The setting looks so epic and fits the Diablo 4 atmosphere perfectly! A really exciting project!

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