Diablo 4 Friend Request Not Showing: How To Add Friends Cross-Platform

An error in Diablo 4 is preventing players from adding friends on another platform. However, there is a very simple workaround that solved it for us. Here is how to fix friend requests not showing.

Diablo Solving Friend Requests
Use clans like this if you can't see friend requests. | © Blizzard

Diablo 4 is awesome so far. It's not doing anything unexpected, but maybe that's what the target-audience want; just another great Diablo game. However, despite how positively we feel towards the gameplay, there are still a few bugs that need to be fixed.

One very annoying bug prevented our own crossplay group from adding each other as friends (two were on PC, two were on PS5). We found a workaround to this bug that allows you to add friends on different platforms. Here's the fix.

How To Add Friends On Other Platforms In Diablo 4

If you can't send friend requests to users on different platforms in Diablo 4, then use the clan system instead. Whenever we tried sending friend requests from a PC to a PlayStation the notification never came up, and there was nowhere to see friend requests. But when we all joined a clan, we could see each other no matter which platform we were using. And then through the clan tab, we were able to join each other's games.

Follow these steps to invite a friend to your party via the clan system:

  1. First create a clan by tabbing across to the "Clan" screen from the main menu.
  2. Select the option on the right to "Create a Clan".
  3. Give your clan a name, a tag, and then press "Create".
  4. Now give your friends the name of the clan, and they will need to enter that name at the "Join a Clan" screen in the "Clan" menu.
  5. As the owner of the Clan you will need to tab across to the "Join Requests" menu within the "Clan" menu, and simply accept your friends.
  6. Once you and your friend are in the same clan, you will be able to see them in the "Roster" tab on the "Clan" home-page. Select their name from the Roster menu, and then you can "Send Friend Request" and "Invite to Party" without difficulty.

And there you have it, by using the clan menu we can find friends on PlayStation, Xbox or PC, and all add each other or join the same game world.

We hope you found that helpful. If playing the beta has made you excited enough to buy the full game, here's a link to get Diablo 4.We suggest checking out this overview of classes before starting the full game.

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