This Is the Toy Story Game We Always Wanted

Disney is determined for Dreamlight Valley to be an interactive Disney fantasy, and will make some Toy Story wishes come true.

Toy story disney dreamlight valley
Hopefully it will look something like this. | © Peter Lumby, Artstation

We wrote about Disney Dreamlight Valley before, but now more news about the game have finally been revealed. So far, all we knew about the game is that it is essentially Disney's take on Animal Crossing - a huge sandbox with many realms to explore. Now, Disney revealed that one of the very first realms will be that of Toy Story, and it will feature both Buzz Lightyear and Woody, so it's time to get excited (and that's not a pun on Woody).

Disney Dreamlight Valley Will Feature Toy Story

So essentially, the player is shrunken down to be conveniently toy sized, because... otherwise it's gonna be hard to be a part of the Toy Story realm. From there, players are free to explore Bonnie's bedroom and interact with Toy Story's main cast, including Buzz and Woody. In fact, the story is going to revolve around the player helping Buzz and Woody:

Woody and Buzz Lightyear both need your help! Step on through to the 'Toy Story' realm where you'll find yourself shrunk to toy-sized in Bonnie's room where Buzz and Woody mistake you for a toy too! To invite them to live in your Valley, you must help Buzz and Woody complete three special quests and learn what being a good toy is all about.

You'll even be able to customize your character with Buzz and Woody attire, so Disney Dreamlight Valley will truly turn into a Disney sandbox, making all your Disney fantasies come true.