Leak Reveals Details On Uncharted Creator's Marvel Game

Reliable leakers have revealed what the new Marvel game by Amy Hennig of Uncharted fame is all about. And it sounds pretty damn exciting.

Marvel Game By Uncharted Creator Leaked
Uncharted co-creator Amy Hennig is working on a Marvel game and we know now what it is. | © Marvel / Sony

We know that Uncharted co-creator Amy Hennig is working on a new Marvel game with the studio Skydance New Media. There has been a lot of speculation around what this thing could be, with some of the most persistent rumors claiming that it could be a Fantastic Four game. Well... they're WRONG! We now know what the game will be and let me tell you... it sounds really exciting.

Details Revealed For Amy Hennig's Marvel Game

It was revealed on Twitter by @MCUStatus, an account which revealed Marvel-related news in the past, that the Amy Hennig Marvel game will feature Captain America and Black Panther in a WW 2 setting. Not too many details have been revealed, except that the two heroes will fight Hydra. Big surprise. This leak has been corroborated by Eurogamer, giving it even more validity.

This is a pretty exciting scenario and makes sense for Captain America. The first film with Chris Evans, the best Chris of them all, from 2011, was set during WW2. In the same year we got a videogame tie-in as well, titled Captain America: Super Soldier, which also features the 1940s setting.

Black Panther is a slightly less obvious choice though. There have been Marvel comics featuring both of these characters fighting side-by-side during WW2. However, this Black Panther would obviously not be T'Challa, but rather his grandfather, T'Chaka.

We still don't know the name, release date or much else about this game. But it has already been confirmed, that it will be shown at the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase 2022, which will be hosted on Friday, September 9. Tune in to see more on this exciting new project.