E3 2022 Will Be Held Online

E3 2022 is set to return this year, but will it be offline?

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If you want to know about the next big games coming in 2023, then you will want to watch out for E3 this year. Okay, sure, most of the games announced will likely be pushed back to 2024, but you’ll know what to get excited for — and subsequently be slightly disappointed in upon release.

But where will E3 be held this year? Is it finally going to be an in-person event again? Rumours might state otherwise…

E3 To Be Online Again in 2022

According to Tom Henderson, emails have been sent out to developers informing them of the plans for this year's E3. What are those plans exactly? It seems like the event is going to be held online, just like in 2021.

This is better than some of the speculation which went around earlier this year which had people worried that the big gaming event would be cancelled all together, just like it was in 2020 when we were all just getting acquainted with our good new pal ‘Rona.

The event being online will mean that you can check out all the panels you’re looking forward to from the comfort of your own home. You also won’t be missing out anything, since the event will be online for everyone, which also seems pretty alright.

In 2021, Sony opted not to participate in E3, choosing to do their own thing, but other developers showed off some of their future games like Square Enix, Microsoft and Nintendo. The same could happen again this year.

When Will E3 2022 Take Place?

An official date has not been announced. These are just rumours that E3 will be online-only once again this year, but the event is usually in the summer, so expect it sometime around mid-June.

This year's Gamescom is set to return to a hybrid model of some in-person and some online-only content and will be taking place at the end of August.

Are you ready for some gaming news? Which games are you hoping will be revealed at E3 2022?