Elden Ring – 5 Million Runes In 1 Hour

Elden Ring is a masterpiece! And damn hard if you don't level up properly. Today we will show you the best spot to farm runes. With this trick, you can get 5 million runes per hour!

Elden Ring Rune Farm
Get the runes and destroy everything. | © From Software

Elden Ring is awesome! Everyone is playing the new From Software game right now. All of YouTube and Twitch is dominated by the latest game from the Souls creators, and of course we're also caught in the Elden Ring hype. Like all Souls games, Elden Ring is not easy. Almost every opponent can just kill us with a slap to the face at the beginning. To get stronger and make the fights easier, we have to level up our stats. More vigor for HP, more strength for heavier armor, more endurance to carry heavier weapons and so on. But to level up these stats, we need runes, lots of them. So, how do we get as many runes as quickly as possible?

What Are Runes In Elden Ring?

Have you ever played a Dark Souls game? If so, runes are the souls of Elden Ring. If not, each defeated enemy grants you a certain amount of runes. The harder the enemy, the more runes we get from him. With these runes we can improve our stats at Sites of Grace (the bonfires or save points of Elden Ring), upgrade our weapons at the blacksmith or go shopping at merchants. The catch? If we bite the dust, we drop all of our previously collected runes at the place of our death. So when we resurrect at the final Site of Grace we interacted with, we'll have to go and pick up our dropped runes again. If we die another time before we have collected the runes, they will be gone forever. Yes, we may have cried a little when we lost 2-3 levels in runes...

How To Farm 5 Millions Runes In 1 Hour?

In fact, you can farm runes anywhere in Elden Ring. All killed enemies respawn as soon as you rest at a Site of Grace, so you could just kill a few enemies, rest, and start all over again. That's exactly how we do it with our trick. However, we look for enemies that drop a lot of runes and are as close as possible to a Site of Grace, so that we can quickly reset them. Especially in the beginning, you don't need many runes to level up, which is why it's actually enough to just play the game. Later in the game, however, it takes enormous sums to buy just one level. Accordingly, our following guide is aimed at players who are already a bit further into the game.

Get To Moghwyn Palace

To use our trick, you must first have reached Moghwyn Palace and activated the Site of Grace called "Palace Approach Ledge-Road". If you have already unlocked this Site of Grace, you can skip the following steps.

  • After killing Godrick, talk to White-Faced Varre.
  • After that, go to the Church of the Rose in Liurnia and talk to White-Faced Varre again.
  • You now get the Festering Bloody Fingers, which you can use to invade other players.
  • Perform three invasions of other players and then talk to White-Faced Varre again.
  • You will now receive the Lord of Blood's Favor item.
  • Use it to go to the Four Belfries in Liurnia and activate the portal.
  • You will now travel back to the beginning of the game, where the first big boss killed you.
  • Go back to the initial building where you will find a dead woman sitting on the floor leaning against the wall.
  • Interact with the body and then return to White-Faced Varre.
  • If you have done everything right up to this point, White-Faced Varre should give you the Pureblood Knight medal.
  • Use the medal to be transported to Moghwyn Palace.
  • Just run along the outer edge of this area to get to the "Palace Approach Ledge-Road" site of grace.

So, once you've done all that, the rune farming really starts.

Kill The Bird

If you look down from the Site of Grace over the edge of the abyss, you will see a very large and very ugly bird running around in the distance. You have to hit it with a ranged attack. You can use any bow, but also magic or similar, the attack does not have to do much damage. The hit triggers the bird and makes it rush towards you, but since you are standing on top of the ledge, it simply rushes into the abyss and dies. After its death, the bird drops a whopping 11,000 runes!

Rinse And Repeat

Go back to the Site of Grace, rest and shoot the bird again. Let it run into the abyss and rest again, and so on.... You don't even have to wait for the runes to be added to your account before resting at the Site of Grace, they will automatically appear after resting. If you repeat this process for about an hour, you'll get about 5 million runes per hour. You can also increase the amount of runes you receive with the Golden Scarab talisman.

YouTuber RageGamingVideos has nicely summarized the whole farming process in this video:

With this trick, you can farm a lot of runes extremely fast and level up easily. So if you really need a few more levels to get past the next boss or to upgrade your new favorite weapon, this is the best way to do so. Have fun grinding!