Elder Scrolls 6 Setting & Map Finally Leaked?

elder scrolls 6 tamriel map
Could a part of the Elder Scrolls 6 map have been teased in the E3 2021 Starfield trailer? | © Bethesda

A clue has been unearthed in Bethesda's E3 2021 Starfield trailer that could, potentially, refer to The Elder Scrolls 6. More specifically, what looks like an Elder Scrolls map has been found in the trailer, and we're here to investigate. Could this be a map from The Elder Scrolls 6? Or perhaps part of the Elder Scrolls 6 map itself?

Players have been understandably hyped about The Elder Scrolls 6, ever since they teased it at E3 two whole years ago. It seems that, with the release of Starfield (Bethesda's next big game) not until next year, Elder Scrolls 6's release date could still be a long way away. That being said, could this be a snippet of the Elder Scrolls 6 map?

Are you hyped for Elder Scrolls 6? We certainly are! Let's get you all up to date on the latest leaks and rumors...

What is the Elder Scrolls 6 Map Easter Egg?

In the Starfield E3 2021 Trailer, a small mark reveals a rough outline that looks an awful lot like a map. The map was found when the astronaut starts up his spaceship, as he is flipping switches. On the right-hand side of the screen, there is a small mark on the side of the dashboard, a small mark that looks just like a map (when you zoom in, that is).

Once you have taken a look at the below picture, don't try to tell me that this doesn't look like a map! An Elder Scrolls 6 map? It's insane, it doesn't look like a natural mark on the dashboard at all - more like something that has been put there intentionally. By the developers perhaps? A coincident? I think not...

elder scrolls 6 map starfield
This looks an awful lot like a map... but what map, we wonder? | © Bethesda via Polygon

Where Could the Elder Scrolls 6 Map Be Set?

If this indeed is a map, The Elder Scrolls 6 could be set in the west of Tamriel, possibly High Rock and/or Hammerfell. Seriously, compare the shape of this map to the Tamriel map at the beginning of this article. It is insanely similar, and we are sure that this couldn't possibly be a coincident. It's wild, guys, and if this is truly a teaser for the location of the Elder Scrolls 6 map, then Bethesda are some pretty crafty buggers.

What do you think? Could this be an Elder Scroll 6 map teaser? Or are we just sending smoke up our own asses? Are our tin hats on too tight, or are we barking up the right tree?

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