Exoprimal: All Exosuits Explained

In Exoprimal you need your Exosuits to fend the hordes of dinosaurs off. Every suit encourages a different play style, but which one fits you best? You'll find your answers in this article.

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Exoprimal: Everything you need to know about the Exosuits | © Capcom

In the next Capcom game, Exoprimal, you need to take up arms and fend off large dinosaurs hordes that keep invading the Earth. But there is more to it, right?

Naturally! This setting comes with a twisted story, some interesting plot twists and different suit classes for your Exosuits. Each comes with their own weapons and abilities, to enable different strategies on the field.

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But which ones are even there, and which are ultimately the perfect fit for your play style? Below, you find everything you need to know!

Exoprimal: A little sneak peek from a few characters from the game | © Capcom

The suits are classified into three different categories: Tank, Assault and Support. These are the following Exosuits available in the game!

The Exosuit Tank-class

The Tank-class is specialized in protecting their allies by drawing enemy attacks and absorbing damage.

Exoprimal All Tank Exosuits
Exoprimal: All Tank Exosuits from the upcoming third person shooter | © Capcom/EarlyGame


Roadblock as a tank-class this exosuit comes with heavyweight armor and supreme durability. The shield itself draws the attention from surrounding enemies and provides a knock back with a strong pulse for everyone standing nearby.


The Murasame unit is a combat master in heavy armor and comes with a massive blade. The armor is lighter than its counterpart, the Roadblock, enabling you to move with more freedom and agility while blocking incoming attacks.


The Krieger is a balanced tank-class with heavy armor plates and a military machine gun at its disposal. This suit helps the team by blocking the enemy, providing cover fire, and absorbing damage, even though it sacrifices maneuverability. Its main goal is to ensure the survival of allies.

The Exosuit Assault-class

The Assault-class focus on dealing damage to enemies with close, medium or long-range attacks.

Exoprimal All Assault Exosuits
Exoprimal: All Assault Exosuits from the upcoming third-person shooter | © Capcom/EarlyGame


The Deadeye exosuit is a well-balanced all-rounder with medium-to-long-range weapons, including a shotgun and assault rifle. The unit may also use their close-quarter combat abilities with powerful strikes if the need arise.


The Zephyr is a speedy, melee-focused exosuit that specializes in close quarters combat. Only confident exofighters should pick this character because you need to avoid damage to compensate its light armoring.


This Vigilant is a master in distance warfare and possesses a semi-automatic rifle for a barrage of single-fire projectiles. Everyone feeling comfortable playing a sniper in other FPS games will have a great time with this one!


The Barrage is equipped with grenades and excels in close quarters. The suit sets his enemies alight and takes advantage of the explosive arsenal.

The Exosuit Support-class

The Support-class use a variety of abilities to ensure the team's survival. Apart from the repair ability, you can also buff your allies or debuff the enemy.

Exoprimal All Support Exosuits
Exoprimal: All Support Exosuits from the upcoming third person shooter© Capcom/EarlyGame


The Witchdoctor is a mobile unit, specializes in synergizing with its allies skills and attacks. Giving buffs or well needed repairs. It is a crucial part of a team's longevity.


Skywave is the only unit capable of flying through the air. It's the perfect counterpart for every dinosaur with aerial combat. This unit is the debuffer from the team and gives enemies for example reduced movement speed.


Nimbus is another agile and mobile unit with weapons switching between damage and healing modes. It can also grant some buffs for the time, like increasing the damage output from teammates.

Exoprimal will release on July 14, for PC via Steam and the Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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