F1 22: First Gameplay Trailer Released! Miami GP Hotlap

EA has published the first gameplay trailer for the new F1 game. But already yesterday Alpha Tauri had broken the embargo, oops.

F1 22 Miami
Formula 1 makes its first appearance in Miami this weekend. | © EA

EA Sports has released the first gameplay trailer for the new F1 game. In the video you can see a hotlap from the onboard of Charles Leclerc, the current Formula 1 world championship leader. In the trailer you can only see the hotlap on the new race track in Miami, Florida. The F1 circus makes its first appearance on the freshly laid track around the Miami Dolphins stadium.

Already one day before EA's embargo fell, Alpha Tauri's Twitter account accidentally leaked a hotlap in Miami. Of course, the tweet was quickly deleted again, but you could already get to know the exciting new track from the cockpit perspective of Alpha Tauri. The fact that EA "only" officially uploaded this one hotlap from the Ferrari's point of view today is a bit lame, isn't it?

First Gameplay Of F1 22 Published

So, after the blatant rule changes for the 2022 season, F1 fans are seeing gameplay for the official game for the first time. The cars have been given wider tires, engine development is largely frozen for years and engineers have had to virtually completely redesign the chassis. Ferrari and Red Bull currently have the best cars, while seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes is only ducking around in midfield. So, the new rules have served their purpose and brought a breath of fresh air into the already exciting F1. You should also definitely watch the Netflix series Drive to Survive, it's really epic. But back to the F1 22 gameplay: What kind of weird trailer is that?

F1 22 Trailer Raises Questions

Uploading a hotlap on the brand new F1 track in Miami seems like a clever idea at first. Everyone is excited about the upcoming race, no one knows the layout. So good, so good, the track looks really promising. But the trailer leaves the old F1 hands with many questions.

The cars in the F1 22 trailer have the engine sound from F1 21! EA simply used the mechanics of the previous game for this trailer, which is really disappointing. The design of the new cars is well done, but that's about it. The phenomenon of porpoising was simply not dealt with at all. Due to the new rules, the cars literally wobble over the track, this phenomenon significantly impairs the real performance of the cars. And it's just not in the trailer, whew. Yes, it says: Work in Progress. That's okay, but the release of the full version is already soon. But will EA and Codemasters get this in less than two months? Let's hope for the best.

When Is The Release Date For F1 22?

F1 22 will be released on 01 July 2022. The game will be available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC. Furthermore, EA will also release the new F1 Manager. When exactly beta access will open is still unclear.

EA Has Bought Codemasters For 1.2 Billion Euros

F1 22 will be the first game where EA has its hands in the development. In 2021, EA bought out F1 developer Codemasters for 1.2 billion euros. Racing fans now fear that EA is letting something slip with F1, the lack of porpoising and the wrong engine sound are the first bad omens. But we're super happy to be surprised by the opposite!

So: Everybody watch F1 in front of the TV at the weekend. It's lights out and away we go!