Fallout London Mod Gets Dev Update, Promises Tons of New Features For Fallout 4

The exciting overhaul mod Fallout London, a fan-made addon for Fallout 4, just got a new development update. And we’re now super excited for this thing to come out.

Fallout london
Fallout: London got a new showing and it still looks amazing. | © Bethesda / Fallout London

The community for Bethesda’s big RPGs Fallout and Elder Scrolls are incredible at creating new experiences with mods, which can completely change the game. This will also be the case with Fallout: London, an overhaul mod for Fallout 4. The mod’s dev team just released a new update on the project, which got us super excited for the mod’s release.

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Fallout: London Turns Fallout 4 Into A New Game

The overhaul mod will provide a completely new environment, with the apocalyptic London scenario, which is a series-first. It has been in development for years and still needs some time to be fully ready.

In a new progress video, parts of the dev team have shared some of their recent progress with development. And it looks like they’re truly putting a ton of effort into this. Among many other things (check out the video below for all deets), there will be 100 new tracks, new types of robots (including a hilariously murderous postbox), new types of enemies, a working train system and of course a completely new environment with the snowy London.

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It looks amazing and promises to be exactly what an overhaul mod should be. Fallout: London looks like it could be equal to a full, new Fallout game, and we’re definitely excited to play the mod. It is expected to release in 2023, but an exact date has not been revealed yet.

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Check out the progress video here:

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