Yes, Blind People Can Play Far Cry 6. Not Kidding.

Far Cry 6 has amazing accessibility options for blind gamers. Here's everything you need to know.

Far cry 6 accessibility
Even blind people can witness this beauty? | © Far Cry Primal

So, Far Cry 6 is either hit or miss, depending on who you ask. If you ask my colleague, Far Cry 6 is amazing. If you ask reviews all around the web, a fair number of them will tell you that it's the same old tried-and-exhausted open-world we're used to from Ubisoft. Many things come to mind when you think of Far Cry: First-person, lush environments, a huge map with objectives, vehicles for every terrain, animals, and, of course, the obligatory checkpoint towers. One thing that might not necessarily be on your mind is this: Can a blind person play Far Cry? It turns out that the answer is... yes.

Far Cry 6 Accessibility Options Allow Blind Gamers to Play

Gaming as a whole is not necessarily a hobby you'd associate blind people with, yet, as it turns out, legally blind writer Stephen Wilds from Polygon, is having a great time with Far Cry 6. It all begins with voice narration helping you navigate the opening menu, which a blind person wouldn't be able to see as well as your average gamer: From here, the options are endless and include thicker reticles, a large number of aim-assist options, auto-steering, head and eye tracking, and more. Even in-game effects that have become very popular, like blurry and oddly colored screens when somehow incapacitated, can be turned on or off.

The entire Polygon article is worth your time, if you're interested in how games can become more accessible for blind gamers, and I, for one, can tell you that it definitely got me thinking about the simple fact that many legally blind people still enjoy gaming. To now know that many games are not making any efforts of inclusiveness on that front, saddens me. Knowing that Far Cry 6 strives to appeal to all of its fans, makes me rather happy, and is all the more reason why I agree with my colleague in wholeheartedly recommending Far Cry 6.