Everybody Already Reviewed Far Cry's Vaas DLC. Our Review Is Still Better.

Far Cry 6 was... another Far Cry. Vaas: Insanity is what we actually wanted. Or is it? Actually, I should say 'or vaas it', you know... because we love lame puns and are late to the review party.

Vaas insanity review
But is it worth it, though? | © Ubisoft

So some reviewers would say 'Far Cry 6 is a revelation', or it 'charts new territory', or find other ways to call it original. Those reviewers are also bought by Ubisoft, and I'm not scared saying that – even though Ubisoft sent us a Far Cry 6 review copy (thank you <3 ) – because Ubisoft already announced that Far Cry 7 will be live-service and a drastic change from the franchise, so.... even they knew that Far Cry 6 is just a Far Cry 3 re-skin. Of course, that's a bit of a harsh statement, until they actually went and based the game's DLC around Far Cry 3's villain, and you really realize that they're trying to relive the past.

In Case You Still Don't Know If Vaas: Insanity Is Worth It:

... It is. In fact, it's been worth it since November 16, but our courier didn't deem it necessary to deliver the parcel on time, so here we are. If I still need to explain who Vaas is, then this DLC isn't for you. If I don't, then you already know it's amazing, because... Vaas.

If you want story spoilers, this DLC is about Vaas and his sister Citra, and a major part are many of Far Cry 3's illustrious characters appearing throughout. If you want more story spoilers, Youtube is your friend, but really you should play the game because, surprise, surprise, you dive deep into Vaas' Insanity, in Vaas: Insanity. Brilliant naming, and even better storytelling, because you don't even need to play Far Cry 3 to understand what's going. In fact, you don't even need to have played Far Cry 6, but you do need it to play the DLC; so you might as well play the game, because Anton Castillo is chef's kiss.

Flying sharks, pistols, syringes, while trying to escape Vaas' mind: It's your typical set-up. Yes, there are only 3 main missions, but the whole DLC is so creative, and has so much side content worth exploring, that you're getting your money's worth.

Michael Mando is back voicing our favorite villain, and, all-in-all, Vaas: Insanity sets the bar quite high for future Far Cry 6 DLC. You can co-op it with friends, or go at it solo, and, as per usual, you can enjoy it on any system other than the Switch, because it actually has graphics.