FFXIV The Omega Protocol Ultimate: Race To World First

A new Ultimate has hit FFXIV and the toughest and strongest of raiders are set to fight for first place in a new Race To World First.

Ffxiv ultimate omega
Time to Race to World First in a battle against these gorgeous bosses | © Square Enix

Steady, Ready, GO! The Race to World First for FFXIV's newest Ultimate The Omega Protocol has officially started! The last race last year took the first team Neverland about 6 days to complete and every other one even longer. So strap yourself in for some exciting days, while listening to the game's amazing soundtrack!

As a refresher, Ultimate fights are the flat-out pinnacle of difficulty in FFXIV. These fights take an intense 15–20 minutes and are highly choreographed. To do these you need discipline, endurance and lots of training.

This Ultimate is based on the raid series from Stormblood and will feature a wild mix of the bosses present in it. Interestingly these fights feature a large amount of villains from other Final Fantasy titles, so it'll be especially interesting how YoshiP and the dev team will translate it into one big fight.

Competitors In The Race To World First

There are some notable names you should look out for ins this race. Currently, 4 of the top 10 from the last race Dragonsong Reprise are part of this one.

Those are:

  • 8. Place: Kindred
  • 6. Place: No Hit
  • 5. Place: Krile
  • 1. Place: Neverland

Yes, the champions are here to claim the next title. But will they manage it? We'll have to wait and see...

I'll keep you updated on the current status and milestones hit during the race. If you want to follow the race live head over to either the official stream by Mogtalk or fflogs with links to the guilds and all the background data.

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