Final Fantasy 16: How To Respec

You have the feeling that your current abilities don't fit your play style anymore. No problem, in Final Fantasy 16 you can always respec. Here is how you dot it.

Final Fantasy 16 Ability Menu
Final Fantasy 16 allows you to respe and choose new options. |© Square Enix

Final Fantasy 16 is full of special abilities and skills. So it can happen very easily that you've chosen a certain ability for your playthrough. But maybe there is a point during your save, when you get the feeling that your abilities are no longer fitting your play style. Then it's time for a respec, which Final Fantasy fortunately allows. And here is how you do it.

Final Fantasy 16: How To Respec

Final Fantasy 16 offers you a wide variety of abilities and skills for you to play with. Some might fit your play style better than others do. The problem is of course that especially inexperienced or totally new players don't know which abilities they like to use. This knowledge comes typically after a couple of hours of playtime.

But no problem, Final Fantasy 16 offers you the option to respec everything and start new. This regards single abilities and even all of your learned abilities. And it's very easy to do this. You have to be out of combat, to do the following steps.

First, you have to open the main menu and head over to the ability section. There you will obviously see all of your trained and skilled abilities, choose the one you don't want anymore and hit and hold the button. Be aware that this won't work with basic abilities. The reset of your chosen ability will give you back your invested Ability Points (the most valuable resource in all of Final Fantasy 16, if you ask us).

Now a message should appear, to make sure you want to unlearn everything. Last chance to change your opinion, otherwise just select "Yes". If you think you're on the wrong way in general, you're able to reset all of your abilities. Just hold the button while viewing the whole abilities' menu. The game will ask again if you're sure about this.

Press yes again and will get back the ability points you spent so far. Now you can start to skill the abilities that you like to have for your playthrough. Good luck on your travels through Valisthea.

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