Finally New Starfield Details After Months Of Waiting

We haven't heard anything in months about Starfield - until now. Bethesda released a new video showing off some of the game's features and it looks rad as hell.

Starfield Dialogue
Get ready to do a lot of talking in Starfield. | © Bethesda / Microsoft

Starfield, where art thou? After being delayed out of 2022, to everyone's shock, we haven't heard anything about that game. After months of silence, Bethesda is back though. Unfortunately not with a new release date, but with a cool video showing off some of the gameplay systems and other details about the game.

Starfield Will Be Huge

In the latest video diary titled "Constellation Questions", Todd Howard & The Boys talk a whole lotta yang about Starfield. This video focused on the "hard Sci-Fi" approach of the game (whatever that means) and revealed some details about dialogue, writing and more. Here's a short list of the most interesting details.

  • The dialogue system was revealed and it looks very Bethesda – in a good way! There are classic features like different types of dialogues options and speech checks, as well as a persuasion system.
  • Starfield has over 250k lines of dialogue. That is a lot: Skyrim had 60k, Fallout 4 had 111k. So be ready for A LOT of conversations!
  • You won't run out of fuel when flying around, but your available resources will limit the area that you can explore.
  • You can choose different traits for your customizable character, with each one having "some sort of negative". There will be "activities and quests" to remove an undesired trait.

I'm admittedly quite cynical about that game, but this sounds pretty cool, actually. Like we said, Starfield doesn't have a new release date yet, but Microsoft has claimed that it will come out in the first half of 2023.