LIVE: Gamescom 2021 Coverage

Gamescom 2021 is opening tonight (August 23 at the time of writing). Some of the industry's biggest names are in attendance so as well as the live stream (above), we'll be providing minute-by-minute text coverage so you don't miss a thing!

If you missed E3, but you love a big conference event, then don't panic, you've still got Gamescom to watch before the summer is out. This is a huge event and there are some great games coming, so sit back and enjoy the show!

Live Coverage: This article will be updated live when the Opening Night Showcase begins.

Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live Show


  • The show ended by going through all of the new upgrades available in the Death Stranding Director's Cut. It looks like they're trying to increase replayability by introducing scoreboards for a number of in-game activities so you can compete against other players.


  • Genshin Impact will get Horizon's Alloy as a new playable character.
  • We then saw a performance of the game's soundtrack from a live orchestra.
  • A game called SIFU was briefly shown, it looks like a martial arts-focused RPG. SIFU is coming Coming February 22, 2022.


  • A mech's vs. soldiers shooter called Crossfire was announced, it looks bland at best.
  • Staying within the military theme, we were then shown a bizarre heavy metal meets World of Tanks promo video.


  • Another Gamescon award was announced, this time for PlayStation games of the year, and the winner was: Elden Ring.


  • The Valheim: Hearth & Home update will focus on shelter building and survival , and it's on the way soon.


  • An Age of Empires 4 trailer was shown. It's an Age of Empires game so you can imagine what that looks like, don't get me wrong I'm excited but it is, in essence, a modern feeling version of what we know and love.


  • Next, a game for Deadmau5, it looks like a weird open-world in which you can live a second life dedicated to Deadmau5 and occasionally attend live Deadmau5 tournaments. But it only exists within CORE.
  • This was followed by some jungle shenanigans from the King Loui event in Fall Guys.


  • A small trailer was shown for Judgement. But there was a promise of a 7 minute trailer coming soon.


  • Mario Plus Rabbits: Sparks of Hope won best Switch game at Gamescom. Siberia The World before won best PC game.


  • A live musical performance broke up the show nicely - an impressive violinist played pieces from Tales Of. This was followed by a new mobile game for Tales Of.


  • Action RPG on mobile for Marvel - Marvel Future Revolution


  • A New World trailer was shown and the open beta was announced for September 9-12, the full game will launch on September 28.


  • We then had an interview with a dev working on Horizon: Forbidden West. He explained that the team has been adjusting to new workflows during the pandemic but could confirm that on the 18th February 2022 Horizon: Forbidden West would be released.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn has also now been updated for PS5 to support 60fps.


  • A game called Blood Hunt was shown, you have to 'survive the night together' apparently - really it looks like you're the bad guys. It had a dystopian near-future setting in which the characters used conventional firearms and demonic magic.
  • This was followed up by what's basically the next Roller Coaster Tycoon - Park Beyond.
  • Another smaller game was then shown that reminded me most of No Mans Sky but it clearly had a story, it's called The Fear Shore.


  • We saw a premiere for the story of Far Cry 6. It's going to be about South American rebels who are turning on a corporation that forces people into hard labor.


  • We saw in-game footage of the new Jurassic Evolution 2 this coming November.


  • Then we were shown an open-world game where you play as a kid and skate around with your mates - it actually looked quite charming. As one critic said though: "this 100% looks like a fake video game you would get a disturbing ad for on YouTube". It's called DokeV.


  • We saw a trailer for Synced Off-Planet. A dystopian survival game.
  • We then got a trailer for a game launching in 2022 called Outlast Trials. In this one, it seems like you play a prisoner whose put through an awful survival test by scientists. You can try to survive the experiment with friends in multiplayer.


  • The Lego Star Wars Skywalker Sega - all nine films in one - and we got a great trailer.


  • We had two quick trailers one for a new free-to-play football game called ULF and another game where you play as a dragon called Century releasing November 18.


  • Halo Infinite was voted the most exciting Microsoft game by viewers of the show, so we had a quick thank you vid from the devs.


  • Splitgate's full release is tomorrow - August 26. We were shown some gameplay of this new Halo meets Portal arcade shooter. Halo meets Portal really is a perfect description.
  • This was very quickly followed by a look at Ubisoft's open-world racing gaming Riders Republic. I'm sure someone, somewhere is excited about this.


  • A beloved SEGA franchise celebrates 20 years - its Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania. So we had an interview with the creator of the franchise. It's a cutesy, cartoony game with various sports - like Wii sports really.


  • Demon Slayer was shown, an anime-inspired game available on October 15. A classic martial arts fighter.


  • We cooled off a bit after the big shooter news and saw a trailer for a playful arcade game called Cult of the Lambs.
  • This was followed by a trailer made by one man called Midnight Fight Express a fun, violent little arcade game.


  • Halo Infinite will launch with a special green Xbox controller.
  • A trailer began playing which showed the chief waking in some kind of tomb, and ended with the words "Pre-Order now, available November 15", which suggests early access.


  • A dev interview revealed that the character from the teenager would play a big part of Season 1 in the free-to-play multiplayer for Halo Infinite. Also, the campaign will drop on the same day as the multiplayer - Halo Infinite will release on December 8!


  • Next on the list was a look at Halo Infinite. This began with a trailer about what it means to be a Spartan, it showed Spartans protecting a human teenager - then it revealed that the teenager later became a Spartan trainer.


  • Call of Duty: Vanguard had an extensive gameplay reveal following a Russian sniper - Polina. It looked simply incredible.


  • Call of Duty: Vanguard will be shown, and so we're being shown a pre-trailer interview with a voice actor and a designer they say that the game will be about special forces.


  • The next game featured Marvel's Avengers, we were shown a cinematic trailer for Midnight Suns, and was followed by an interview from one of the developers.


  • The first trailer from the full show. It was a cinematic trailer set in El Dorado in the near future, we followed a group spying on a drug deal. They shot the dealers and stole the goods so we can presume they aren't police. The game is about starting a criminal empire with a rag-tag crew. It's a Saints Row reboot and you can sign up for the beta from tomorrow at - it releases on February 25, 2022.


  • The show begins

Here for a quick check on all the big gaming news? Then you've come to the right place, here are some of our recent articles:



  • The Pre-show began and we jumped right into a trailer for King of Fighters 15. It looked every bit as much a low-grade fighting game as you would expect - releases on February 17, 2022.


  • We were shown a tactical shooter called 9-5.
  • The host gave a series of 'safety tips' - basically we were told we would be excited we would break our monitors etc.
  • Bus Simulator 21 was then shown, it's exactly what you would expect.
  • The next trailer, still in pre-show, was a military stealth game set in Lara-Croft-like environments, it looks like you'll be fighting monsters in crypts - the game's called House of Ashes - and it's released on October 22nd.


  • After a short interlude from the host, we were then shown a trailer for DOLMEN, a sci-fi adventure game.
  • Next up was an arcade game that had a cute art style but little else to distinguish it. It was called Nobody Saves the World.


  • In a slightly odd move, we had an interview with Geoff Keighley - the host of the main show.
  • Soundfall was introduced, it was described as a rhythm/combat game. I remain as confused as you must be reading that description. The trailer really didn't explain the concept.
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