Genshin Impact: Best F2P Starter Teams That Will Boost Your Damage Dramatically

Genshin Impact is an adventure game about the world of Teyvat, and it's full of stories. This is how you can get started with a punch and everything you need to know about how the damage system works in the game.

Genshin Impact Teams
Genshin Impact best starter teams: Here are our picks! | @HoYoverse

Genshin Impact is a great adventure game, but it might be a bit confusing at the beginning. Some gameplay mechanics could be completely new for western players, such as the Gacha system, which is the main method of acquiring characters in Genshin.

Optimizing your damage seems not too important early on, but you must learn it before entering late-game, or else you may not progress in the story. A very efficient way to boost your damage for new players is to build a strong team for good elemental resonance.

Genshin Impact: Best Starter Teams

There are a few basic terms you might already have come across in your journey. To choose a good character for your team, you need to look at two things: the character's elemental vision and their role.

You will probably be familiar with both of these already, but did you know that elemental reactions can make your damage skyrocket? The better the elements in your team work with each other, the more likely you can trigger elemental reactions like supercharge or hyperbloom.

Here are a few character combinations that have the strongest elemental reactions that you can get really early in the game.

Team 1: The National Team

If there is any team you could call a classic, it's most definitely this one. The team consists of two Mondstadt and two Liyue characters, aka the first and the second region you get to know on your journey.

All of them are 4 stars and to this day are still some of the best we have. All of these characters work really well in other teams as well as this one, and Xiangling is a character that you get completely freely after clearing spiral abyss 3.3.

The team uses Vaporize (Hydro+Pyro) and Melt (Cryo+Pyro) for its damage. It's especially beginner-friendly because you don't really need to have any attack patterns in mind, just have fun.

Main DPSSub DPSSupport


Xiangling (Pyro)Bennett (Pyro)Chongyun (Cryo)Xingqiu (Hydro)

Team 2: The Fridge Team

The Fridge Team is a relatively new concept which only got possible with the release of the Dendro element, and there are many variations to it. One variation that is very beginner-friendly consists of our favorite backstreet boy Kaeya, who you get at the beginning of the game, Barbara, who you get after defeating Dvalin and Collei, she is a reward for spiral abyss 4.3.

You also need Dendro traveler, and you can get them by quickly rushing to Sumeru, which is not locked like Inazuma is. I can speak from personal experience that the journey was stressful but very worth it.

You can think of the Fridge Team as a Freeze Team (Hydro+Cryo) on steroids. Dendro does not have any elemental resonance with Cryo, but that's the point: Dendro doesn't react to Cryo and can co-exist with it on the enemy, it deals as the main source of damage. That's why you need to make sure first to apply Hydro and Cryo after one another in the rotation, so you don't accidentally cause Hyperbloom (Dendro+Hydro).

Main DPSSub DPS/HealerSub DPSSupport
Kaeya (Cryo)Xingqiu (Hydro)

Collei (Dendro)

Dendro Traveler

Team 3: The Noelle Team aka Geo only

Noelle is a character you can get very easily in the begging, as she is on the starter banner. Despite that, she is to this day still one of the more underrated characters, which might also be because she is Geo. Geo doesn't resonate with the other elements like Hydro or Pyro, but is more like Anemo in a way, as it has its own unique effect.

Geo is all about defense and very tanky, so it has the potential to deal massive damage, but Geo only goes with Geo, and we don't have that many characters as of now. But despite all of that, Noelle is still a jack of all trades, as she works as a main DPS, healer and shielder all in one. She was my very first main and still holds a dear place in my heart.

Main DPS/Healer/ShielderSub-DPS (Battery)


Burst Support
Geo TravelerGorou (Geo)Ningguang (Geo)

BONUS: The Meme Team

Real men use Amber as their main DPS, but the realest men know that there is nothing more manly than a team of girl bosses. And who is leader? Who packs the most punch? That's right, it's Barbara. Be ready to aggressively slap your enemies' faces with water as Mondstadt's adorable ray of sunshine dances to a rhythm of pure chaos.

Next, you'll swap to pathological daydreamer Fischl or all-to-sus character Lisa to give your victim a good tase. If that's not enough for you, you might as well just use Sucrose to leaf blow the remains of your enemy away.

All jokes aside, if you are dedicated to make Barbara, who is mainly a healer, work as a DPS, because you love making your life harder than it needs to, this could be a very fun team. The main reactions triggered are Swirl and Electrocharge.

Main DPS




Barbara (Hydro)Fischl (Electro)Lisa (Electro)Sucrose (Anemo)

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